Hodgson in Love

On August 19, 1995, I married Rob Stauffer at St. James Episcopal Cathedral in Chicago. The ceremony was performed by the Very Rev. Todd Smelser, Dean of the Cathedral, with sermon by the Rev. Corinne Crammer, then a deacon,now a priest. About seventy-five guests attended.

The reception was to be held five blocks away. I couldn't see the point in having a limousine for such a short trip. Instead, I figured we'd walk. It would amuse weekend shoppers to wonder why a woman in a wedding dress is wandering down Michigan Avenue. I asked our three flower girls (nieces Arielle Hodgson, Samantha Stauffer, and Stephanie Stauffer) to walk with us and help me keep the dress intact.

Word of our plans got out, and most of the guests decided to wait for us. What I had expected to be a simple walk, inducing no more than a few double-takes, turned into a parade. A passing police car stopped traffic for us, taxis and buses honked their horns, cheering shoppers made way for us and offered high-fives, and a busker broke into "The Wedding March." Thanks to Meryl Yourish, we have all of this on video.

(For the record, I am morally opposed to wedding videos--especially when other people make you watch theirs. I am not, however, opposed to after-the-ceremony videos taken spontaneously by friends. Nevertheless, I have sworn never to inflict our video on anyone who doesn't ask to see it, unless they are my blood relations, in which case I reserve the right to do whatever the heck I want.)

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