Greetings and salutations, True Believers!

In the vein of the famous SFF.Net Not-A-Webring, the WebRats are a loose confederation of writers who maintain on-line journals about writing, reading, the fine art of llama herding, the search for decent Chicago-style pizza in Europe, and a whole slew of other subjects. Feel free to browse around and share the on-line side of our lives!

And now, introducing the WebRats:

Jennifer Brozek - I live worlds inside my head. . .
Stephanie Burgis - Writer, musicologist, and latte addict.
Michael Carr - Utah exile, scribbler extraordinaire, and globetrotting fool.
Shannon J. Clark - Rambles on many subjects from Chicago to writing to technology.
Jerry J. Davis - Looking for an optimistic seeing-eye dog.
Dayle A. Dermatis - Magickal meanderings through the life of a writer.
Gabriel Edson - My muse smells like cinnamon and rides a Harley.
Melanie Miller Fletcher - Babe Feminist, Expatriate Chicagoan, and makes great julienne fries!
Jim C. Hines - Writer, juggler, yo-yo trickster, and general aficionado of fun & useless skills.
Adam Israel - A writer of one.
Derek James - Thinking as a hobby.
Samantha Ling - Ling the Merciless.
Alexis McKechnie - Aiming to be inspiring as an aspiring writer while keeping that Canadian charisma. 
Paul Melko - Writer of bedtime stories and other shiny narrative bits.
Vera Nazarian - A free-range maniac, animal rights proponent, and creator of true wonder.
Lisa Nichols - Building a writing career, one rejection slip at a time.
Tim Pratt - Tropism. One writer's cycle of stimulus-response.
Benjamin Rosenbaum - Another poor literary fly twitching in the web.
Allan Rousselle - Raining on parades since 1968.
Patrick Samphire - blurb line on the way.
Thomas Seay - Keep this and all blogs out of the reach of children.
Heather Shaw - Cafe Rambleflower, the latest dish.
Karina Sumner-Smith - A writer and student from the Great White North.
Hey Trey - The mumblings of a scribbler and budding curmudgeon.
Rob Vagle - Writing and living among a great community of writers in Eugene, Oregon.
Alexander Wilson - An author, singer/songwriter, poet, humorist, performer, and comic stripper in North Carolina.
Julie Winningham - I don't live in a fantasy world, but I'm working on it.

WebRats currently on hiatus

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