Chief bard to Elphin am I...

Taliesin ap Gwion is the first of the newly reformed Cyngael of Gwynedd, and advisor to Elphin, Ard Ri of the Alliance of Worlds.


Described as a man of slim build, a shade under six feet in height, with light red hair, pale green eyes and fair skin subject to freckling. Gentle, quiet and unassuming, most people underestimate this man - until it is too late. He is possessed of a quick and ready wit, which can occasionally turn to biting sarcasm if required. His voice is soft and rarely raised, yet he can, with a true bard's skill, make himself heard over great distances with little effort. An accomplished singer and teller of tales, as befits a man of his position, he is also an astute diplomat.

He carries with him a lap-harp made of Ash. Some say that this harp, Leannan by name, is made from a bough of the World Tree itself, and grants him oracular visions of the past, present and future. Furthermore, it is said that, like Odin, and Merlin before him, he sacrificed a part of himself upon the boughs of Yggdrasil to gain this harp and its knowledge.


Tal's constant companion is Vivienne of Avallion.