Ab urbe condita


(Dates are from the date of the creation of Caer Tagel, designated year 0. For those who care about such things, this corresponds to the year 753BC)

550 - Birth of Gwydion

552 - Birth of Macsen

602 - First Kingdom formed under the rule of Macsen Wledig. Caer Tagel established as the capital on Gwynedd. Orcadia, Breceliande, Lyonesse and Orlamonde are the first worlds brought into the Alliance.

605 Sigmund and Signy (first of Belegyr's "Volsungs") born on Mannheim.

634 – Sigmund exiled for murder. Brothers and Signy follow.

652 – Volsungs destroy the house of Hunding – Sigmund proclaimed king. Alliance with Siggeir of the Gruethungi – betrayal by Siggeir at instigation of remaining Hunding leaders, death of Volsung brothers except Sigmund who flees into exile in Arcadian space.

672 - Arawn, Breceliande's Lord of Summer, creates the first Wild Hunt in the cauldrons of the Summer Palace.

697 – Sigmund returns to Midgardr. Fosters Signy's youngest son Sinfjotli Siggeirsson.

702 – Sigmund's first (unsuccessful) attempt on Siggeir. Exile this time with Sin. First attempts at recreating pre-Ragnarrokr battle armour almost end in tragedy when the suits malfunction. Sinfjotli's first "death". "Wolves in Hallowed Places".

703 - Marriage of Macsen to Alianora of Breceliande, daughter of Arawn.

723 - Macsen assassinated. Gwydion creates a cauldron born copy of the emperor, but the process is unsuccessful and the result is a simpleton. "Llew" is exiled to the forests of Gwynedd, along with his creator. Alianora is crowned Empress.

730 – Siggeir deposed by Sigmund and Sinfjotli now at the head of a large mercenary force "The wolves of Odin". Retaking of Barnstokkr.

732 – Sigmund marries Borghild.

733 – Birth of Helgi

737 – Birth of Hamund

748 – Helgi earns battlename "Hundingsbani"

775 – Sinfjotli murdered by Queen Borghild after a duel with her brother. Borghild exiled. Sin joins Einherjar.

782 - Empress Alianora is imprisoned when proof of her complicity in the death of Macsen is uncovered. The crown is given to a cousin of Macsen's, called "Emrys".

960 - Caer Gwydion created.

1003 – Bornholm deserted by Burgundians.

1104 - Sigmund remarries – this time the daughter of King Eylimi, Hjordis

1106 – Attack on Barnstokkr by Alberich. "Death" of Sigmund, Hjordis captured as bondslave to Alberich, Sigurdr Sigmundson born.

1116 – Sigurdr apprenticed to Regin – a technomancer who lives on the edge of Alberich's domain. Assulted by Alberich, taken by Regin and his nephew Fitela. Grows up in their household along with a young girl "Keely", their ward.

1122 – Burgundians re-emerge from hiding, Emrys employs them as feoderati against the uprising of the Alammanni. They vanish again shortly afterwards.

1126 – Sigurdr aware of Regin's real identity as his father – refused entry into his mercenary band as it is in fact the Einherjar. Fights alongside them however to destroy Lingwe and the other Hundings who had attacked Sigmund. Becomes Keely's lover. Earns a reputation, departs with his father's old sword and dragonbone armour. Parts from Keely, who gives him her only valuable possession, a gold ring.

1135 – Sigurdr saves Gunther's life, becomes war leader of the Bugundians. Falls for Gudrun, Gunther's sister.

1140 – Gunther agrees to allow Sigurdr (Siegfried) to marry Gudrun if he helps to arrange Gunther's alliance to the Hundings by marriage to a young woman of their royal house, Brynna.

1141 – Siegfried marries Gudrun in joint ceremony with Gunther/Brynna. Worried by Brynna's strange behaviour.

1150 – Brynna notices Gudrun's ring – the one she'd given to Sigurdr when they were young. Confronted by Sigurdr over possibility she might be behind recent attacks on their space. Tries to discredit Sigurdr by revealing his past (as thrall/catamite to Alberich – something he'd kept secret). Estrangement of Gudrun and Sigurdr. Hagan encourages the discord.

1155 – Murder of Sigurdr by Hagan after Gudrun betrays the weak points of his armour. Left for dead, rescued by Sigmund. Hagan tries to kill Brynna, having determined that she is working for some outside agency against their house. Escapes on Sigurdr's cybrorse, Grani. Rejoins Einherjar fleet to find Sigrudr resurrected.

1159-1161 – Burgundians lead mass invasion of Gallic space

1164 – Gundahar (Gunther) of Burgundy proclaims a puppet emperor against Emrys. Forces Gudrun to marry Atli of the Hundings.

1172 - Vortigern, son of Emrys, crowned emperor.

1172- Merlin first appears, during the battle between two dragons that threatens to tear Gwynedd apart. Aids the emperor in removing the threat, and is granted a position at court.

1189 - The invasion from outside the Empire by the Warlord Cynric begins. Merlin suspects that Lailoken is behind the invasion. Travelling to Breceliande to investigate, he meets Viviane, grand-daughter of Arawn. The two become lovers.

1189 – Hunding mercenaries under Atli paid by Vortigern to attack Gunther.

1190 – Gunther and Hagen killed by Atli, in turn killed by Gudrun. The Einherjar help finish the war by attacking Borbetmagus, the Burgundian capital world.

1199 - With the War escalating to the point where all of the Worlds are threatened, Merlin decides, against all advice, to seek help from the World Tree. Hanging from the branches for three days and nights, he is granted the "gift" to move backwards and forwards through time. It is rumoured that this cost him his shadow. A bitter quarrel with Viviane leaves the two opposed to each other.

1199 - Uthyr son of Vortigern born

1200 - New Year's Day - Ygraine, daughter of Viviane born.

1207 - Caer Tagel falls to Cynric with the help of Sigmund and the Einherjar, and he places his fleet commander, Gorlois, in charge of the citadel.

1237 - Breceliande, led by Eachtar and Viviane, makes a peace with Cynric. In token of which Ygraine, Viviane's daughter and Eachtar's mistress, marries Gorlois, Cynric's commander of the fleet.

1248 - High Summer - Vortigern killed by Cynric at the battle of Anderida when his dromond is shot down. Uthyr claims the crown, and is promised a way to end the war by Merlin. To this end, the two men travel to Caer Tagel, now in the hands of Cynric's warleader, Gorlois. Negotiations were proceeding well until Uthyr falls for Gorlois' wife, Ygraine. His men take the citadel by force in the night, and Uthyr, protected by an unwilling Merlin, kills Gorlois and rapes Ygraine. (Thorns)

1248 - Midwinter. On Breceliande Merlin comes to take the child born to Ygraine away, to be raised in secrecy. Appealing to the Lord of Summer, Eachtar, he arranges for the child to be fostered with his half-brother, Kai, son of Ygraine and Eachtar, and under the nose of the Lady of the Lake (Viviane).

1264 - Arthur first meets Morgaine and falls in love with her, not knowing of their kinship. (Thorns)

1270 - Arthur, Morgaine and Kai re-take Caer Tagel. Arthur proclaimed warleader of the Dragon Legions, and Morgaine of the Rose.

1271 - The Battle of Badon. Morgaine earns her nickname "The Rose of Annwn" after her command carrier destroys the remainder of Cynric's fleet and the Einherjar in orbit around the planet. On Badon itself, the battle ends with victory for the Legions after a massive land battle between Cynric's forces and Arthur's. Sigmund, Sinfjotli, Sigurdr and Brynna captured along with several other captains and imprisoned on Breceliande. Arthur proclaimed Ard Ri when he retakes Excalibur from the dead hand of Cynric, and the sword's powers are made manifest. The festivities for Morgaine are cut short by Merlin's arrival and his revelation of her kinship to Arthur. (Thorns)

1275 - Morgaine's son Gareth is born, and fostered (as her own) by her sister Morgause, now Queen of Orcadia.

1288 - Arthur marries Guenever, daughter of Leodegrance of Cameliard. Merlin gifts Arthur with a bough of Yggdrasil, which is made into a Round Table, and placed in the council chambers of Caer Tagel.

1293 - Arthur learns for Merlin of the prophecy that one of his bastard offspring will destroy his brave new alliance. Urged on by a jealous Guenever, he orders the execution of his bastard children. Morgaine publically repudiates him for this crime and removes her legions in protest to Breceliande. (Thorns)

1295 - Gareth, desiring to be presented at court as were his elder brothers Agravaine and Gawain (called "The Hawk of May", and now Arthur's champion), and Gaheris, disguises himself as a kitchen boy and takes service.

1300 - Guenever is divorced by Arthur due to her inability to bear him an heir. Returning to her father's home she discovers her sister Eleanor's affair with Gawain and betrays the lovers. Eleanor, pregnant with Gawain's child, drowns herself.

1310. Gareth becomes a knight of the Dragon.

1312 - Arthur contracts to marry the grandaughter of Cynric, in order to cement an alliance with Midgard, Cynric's homeworld. He sends Gareth and Kai to bring her to Gwynedd, and on the long journey back, Gareth falls in love with the girl (Winifreda, called Gwenhyfar in the tongue of Gwynedd – also a descendent of Sigmund via the daughter of Sigurdr and Gudrun).

1317 - Gareth and Gwenhyfar's long affair discovered by his brothers. He escapes, she is sentenced to death for treason. Morgaine gives him a company of her own troops and he frees her and flees to Breceliande.

1332 - The Alliance is attacked by outside forces, dragon-born sorcerers and demonic armies of homunculi. Arthur is forced to make a truce with Morgaine and Viviane of Breceliande, and pardons Gareth and Gwenhyfar.

1335 - Gwenhyfar killed in battle over Orlamande. It is suspected, but not proven, that the King's Men were responsible.

1337 - Arthur launches an attack on the sorcerers' homeworld, and leaves Gareth in command. Still blaming Arthur for Gwen's death, he usurps the throne and takes control of Caer Tagel, Caer Siddi, and Caer Legionis. Arthur has left Excalibur in his care, and in front of the council with the proof given by the sword itself, he reveals his real identity. With the help of the bulk of the Rose Legion left in his charge, he quickly takes control of several core worlds in the Alliance. Once his power base is secure, he contacts the sorcerers' homeworld. Forewarned by Merlin, Arthur aborts his attack only just in time, and finds himself fighting a war on two fronts.

1338 - Viviane sides with Merlin in an attempt to defend her world. Morgaine moves Breceliande's orbit and the planet's already erratic orbit plunges it into a devastating ice age. Only a massive sorcerous effort saves the planet, but doing so costs Viviane her life and she dies in Merlin's arms.

1338 - Merlin entrapped and imprisoned on Breceliande by Morgaine. (Shadows)

1340 - Battle of Camlann. With both sides weakened, the final confrontation takes place in system. Morgaine orders Gareth - now known as "Mordred" - "Ill counsel" for his betrayel, to take Arthur alive. He refuses, and both ships engage, only to cripple each other. Morgaine finds Mordred's body and revives him as a cauldron born copy, Arthur's ship is never found, nor is Excalibur. Morgaine takes the throne and is crowned Empress of the Alliance.


1340-2110 - The Reign of Morgaine the Deathless begins.

1356 - Gwion founds the Bards Guild in direct opposition to the Battle Queen, and begins training cyngael.

1370 - First rumours that Gwion is a cauldron-born revenant of Merlin begin to circulate. Gwion performs at a festival in Caer Tagel during the Midwinter feast.

1397 - Kastchei arrives on Skazki. (The Birth of Kastchei the Deathless)

1400 - Morgaine outlaws the Cyngael, but this simply enhances their popularity. The council of the alliance, swayed by Gwion's arguments in support of the organisation, overrule Morgaine's decree and place the cyngael beyond the reach of any ruler for all time, granting them immunity for their art. This will be the last time the council overturns the Queen.

1436 - Pwyll of Badon, Gwion's greatest protιgι, is born.

1470 - Pwyll seduced by Morgaine's handmaiden, Kaitlin. With her lover's support, Kaitlin is inducted into the cyngael.

1480 - At Kaitlin's urging, Pwyll begins to re-write the official histories, including the legends of Merlin.

1485 - After a direct confrontation with Gwion in the Bard's Hall, the cyngael are split, some electing to follow Pwyll, others staying to follow the true path.

1620 - Morgaine declares Pwyll's Order - signified by the Owl - to be the true Bards guild. Gwion's followers keep the old symbol of the paired ravens.

1672 - The Raven cyngael are outlawed, hunted down and killed. The cyngael now search out not only all Raven bards, but also destroy books, paintings, tapestries and any other medium of recording that holds clues to the old tales.

1712 - Morgaine's cyngael now search out any tellers of the old tales. Those who refuse to adhere to the revised versions are killed. The Raven bards now operate in secret, teaching and seeking out old tales to preserve them.

1752 - Breceliande, long used by Morgaine as her prison planet, becomes again the focus for rebellion, as the last of the Raven bards take refuge there. Morgaine awakens several of "The sleepers" - last of the dragon-born sorcerers, anathema even to their own kind, imprisoned in the ice caves. One of them kills Gwion. The blue dragon who accompanies Gwion flees. The year becomes known as the Year of Omens, as on several worlds, strange events shake the Alliance to its roots. On Gwynedd, a blood red sky follows the installation of the Black Throne inside the Round Table. The piece of Yggdrasil removed to make room for the throne is used to create a gwyddbwyll board and pieces, said to have oracular properties.

1821 – Kastchei leads a rebellion against Morgaine under the guise of first Ganelon of Maganza, then Accolon of Gallicia. Revives the imprisoned Einherjar on Brceliande.

1852 – Final battles of Accolon's rebellion leaves over a dozen worlds in flames. Kastchei betrayed by the Volsungs (now calling themselves the Korday family) in order to bring an end to the killing. Kastchei is eventually sent back to Breceliande by Sigurdr/Alex and Sigmund/Philip revives the remainder of the fleet. Alex stays on the Giant's Dance with Brynna/Keely.

2110 - A disastrous military campaign in a distant dimension strands Morgaine and Mordred far from home, with no hope of return.

2117 - The lord of Gwynedd, Maelgwn the second, takes the vacant Black Throne, and installs himself as Ard Ri. His son Elphin has been a secret supporter of the resistance to Morgaine for several years, and disapproves of his father's move.

2118 - Elphin exiled by Maelgwn.

2120 - Taliesin arrives in the Thirteen Worlds. (The Hunting of the Hart)