The long time lover of Taliesin, she arrived with him on Gwynedd and has been at his side ever since. Her origins are shrouded in ever greater mystery than his, but most sources are agreed that her homeworld is most likely the world Morgaine and Mordred attempted to invade, since her familiarity with technological concepts has often been noted.

A short, slender woman, a shade under 5'5" in height, she has long dark chestnut hair, hazel eyes and a winning smile. Frequently irreverent and outgoing, she often appears to be the dominant partner in her relationship with Taliesin. Some have observed a deep sadness underneath her sparkling wit, however.

Vivienne is a brilliant information gatherer - some would say perhaps more so than Taliesin, who by his own admission does tend to get easily distracted. She is noted for having a nose for trouble, and a quick mind that finds a ready outlet in her chosen role, acting as intelligence agent and analyst for the court of Elphin. She is also a crack shot and an excellent swordswoman and pilot.


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