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Jack C. Haldeman II

Science Fiction Writer. Biologist.
Producer of CD-ROMs.
Ex-Arctic Explorer Becomes Florida Gator.

I was born eleven days after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and a week before Christmas.
In my opinion this has had a lot to do with my life.


Mr. Science wants you. Join the SETI crew and search for extraterrestrials at home. -- [ Check it out ]

Frequently Asked Questions


I hear that you write science fiction. Have you ever had anything published? -- [ Click here for exhaustive list ]


So what've you got planned here for the millennium? You going to sit on your duff, or what? -- [ I'm giving myself some space, since the millennium won't start until 2001. My future plans page has notes and samples on my proposed Arctic Journal and an informal tour of the places I like in Florida. I've been planning a new look for the site, but it will take a while. ]


Are you related that other science fiction writer, Joe Haldeman? Are you the same person? Are you clones? -- [ surprising answer here ]


So who is this Barbara Delaplace? If she really is Canadian, what is she doing in Florida with a skinny hairy guy, huh? -- [ so here's, like, the truth, eh? ]


I'm glad you're coming to our convention. We like to print up-to-date bios on our guests. Are you still into nude alligator wrestling? -- [ straight dope here ]


One of your political sf stories changed my life. When I get out of jail, I'd like to read another. Got any good stuff? -- [ Read some thoughts on political science fiction ] or jump right to full text versions of [ "We, the People" ] and [ "Enemy of the State." ]


How come you write so many science fiction stories about sports? Are you some kind of a jock? -- [ Is this a trick question, or a curve ball? Answer here. ]


There's a used book store in town with a good science fiction collection. How about posting a list of the sports stories so I can check them out. -- [ Here's a list, with my comments on the stories. ]


I play pro ball and can read without moving my lips too much. Got a sample story I can check out? -- [ Sure. ]


What happened to EARTH INVADE MARS that used to be at the top of this page before you messed everything up? -- [ I moved it down here ]


Where's your cat stuff? A writer can't have a web page without cat stuff. -- [ click here for PAW PRINTS, illustrated by the talented Jeanette Spencer ]


I hear you drive a cool car. Prove it. -- [ proof provided ]


I'm curious. Do science fiction writers do their thing in ultra-modern offices, or are you a yellow pad kind of guy? -- [ bitter truth here ]


Is Barbara into clutter, too? How does she work? -- [ Barbara's secret revealed here ]


Do you need all that stuff around you when you write? Can you do it on the road? -- [ Here I am, doing it on the road. ]


I don't care for this other stuff. Somebody told me you had a bunch of great links to writing sites, science and silliness. Where are they? -- [ hundreds of links, thousands of thrills, just a mouse-click away ]


I'm lost and confused. Nothing ever stays the same. Can I buy a vowel? -- [ Site Map and Update History here ]


How can I tell when you add new stuff? I like new stuff, but teaching my twelve cats to sing "Roll Over Beethoven" in four part harmony keeps me real busy. I don't have time to keep checking back here. -- [ automatic email notification now available ]


As Einstein once said during a Thanksgiving food fight, "It's all relatives." Any other Haldeman Web pages out there? -- My brother Joe travels a lot, but he occasionally shows up here, and my daughter has a cool page here. ]

This page is maintained by Jack C. Haldeman II. The contents of this page and other connected pages of my original material are circulated electronically by permission of the author and are put here for non-commercial use only. You can reach me via email by clicking the box below.

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