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This page contains notifications of updates to this site, pointers to interesting things on the net and general comments on things that I find interesting. It is updated often. Bookmark this page if you:

  • Are interested in following the evolution of this site.
  • Find the links and comments useful or interesting.
  • Want a fast loading page with pointers to my favorite sites (I use this page as my browser 'home' page).


Well, I am back on-line after a hard-drive crash on my main system. I am using my laptop and I had to reconfigure it to use my ricochet modem. I love being wireless! But now I have to deal with rebuilding my main system. I also have to deal with a loss of about two months worth of stuff (and email) that I hadn't backed up. I know, it is my own fault, but it still hurts a lot (some stuff was backed up on floppy or other systems, but not everything). I have been checking around for an inexpensive Data Recovery service and there doesn't seem to be such a thing. Best quote I have found so far is around $1000 to $1500. Does anyone know of some cheaper alternative?

Oh well. I will survive. And I will keep updating my web site, although the computer programming stuff and some of the rants I was planning on moving over are gone. Along with my library of web graphics!

I like to think I am a person with a mind. I don't always agree with Dave Winer, but in this case I certainly do...

Today's Quote:

Henry Kaiser: "Problems are only opportunities in work clothes."


Added another rant, in the form of An Open Letter to Orrin Hatch. If you have strong feelings, one way or the other, about Microsoft and competition in the Software Industry I urge you to read it carefully, including the notes at the end. You might find a few touches of humor as well, hiding among the bullshit...

Well, after a long gap I have managed to update the site two days in a row! We will have to wait and see if this can be sustained. I am really liking the navigational changes I made yesterday, and yet I am already wanting to make slight adjustments. Look for small changes in the look, but not the feel, real soon.

Also, less anyone think that I only rant about the Computer Industry, the next few things I post will be on another -- but equally geeky -- subject. Stay tuned! Same geek time! Same geek channel!

Today's Quote:

William Gibson: "The deadliest bullshit is odorless and transparent."


Added a rant, actually a weird little allegory regarding the importance of Coffee and Donuts.

Updated all pages with slightly different navigation 'affordances'. Added a Jakob Nielsen style 'Signpost' to each page to allow a way to instantly tell where you are in the site hierarchy.

Today's Quote:

Alfred E. Neuman: "What? Me Worry?"


The Jacked In Website is UP! Not complete, to be sure, but it exists all the same. Check it out, starting from the 'Entrance Path' or from the home page. Or click one of the active links on the navigation bar. Note: This site will be changing often over the next few months. So, what else is new?

Added Morning Sky on Krypton to the Art page.

Today's Quote:

Confucius 2.14: "The Master said; He who learns, yet does not think, is lost. But he who thinks and does not learn is in great danger."