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Last updated 12/21/1998

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On this page you will find the essays I call 'rants'. Read. Enjoy (if possible). Comment!

An Open Letter to Orrin Hatch

Subtitled "What I would say if I were asked to Testify at the 'Market Power and Structural Change in the Software Industry' Hearings..." I wrote this approximately two weeks before the the hearings by the the Senate Judiciary Committee. At the time (as now, although they are evolving) I had strong feelings about the government interfering in the Software Industry in any way, including going after Microsoft for 'Anti-Comptitive Practices'.

Not that I am a Microsoft defender mind you. I worked there for two and half years (as a contractor) and have seen the place from the inside. It is both better, and worse, than its detractors imagine. I know more about them than I really want to. But I needed to make a statement from the point of view of the average geek (my peers) just trying to make a living and get the job done for the customer. And I don't think that government intervention will have a positive effect in that regard, any more than I really want to see Microsoft replaced by Sun and AOL or by a resurgent Apple.

Replaced by Linux? Hmm... Now that might just be different story! Posted 12/21/98.

Coffee and Donuts

This is a strange little allegory about the importance of coffee. Posted 12/20/98.