Gerard Houarner is a Bronx resident, mental health professional, and writer. His novels include the fantasy, THE BARD OF SORCERY, and horror novels, THE BEAST THAT WAS MAX (Leisure), ROAD TO HELL (Leisure) and ROAD FROM HELL (Necro). During the past 36 years, he's also had over 270 sf, fantasy and horror short stories published, earning 50 Honorable Mentions in various editions of the Year's Best Fantasy and Horror. Some of these stories have been gathered in collections: PAINFREAK, I LOVE YOU AND THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT, BLACK ORCHIDS FROM AUM, VISIONS THROUGH A SHATTERED LENS, THE OZ SUITE and A BLOOD OF KILLERS. His short story, Dead Cat Bounce, was a Stoker Award finalist, and spawned a pair of anthologies of Dead Cat stories, DEAD CATS BOUNCING and DEAD CATS TRAVELING CIRCUS OF WONDERS AND MIRACLE MEDICINE SHOW. He also edited the anthology, GOING POSTAL, and serves as Fiction Editor for the longest running small press genre magazine of its kind (40 years and counting), Space and Time.  Gerard's list of publishing credits grows at a dizzying rate.  Visit him at...



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