Christopher Howard loves to create, primarily with words. His first novel SEABORN (Juno Books) was released in July 2008.  He won the Heinlein Centennial Short Fiction Contest, amateur division, in 2007.  He's currently working on a new series.

He's also an illustrator working in ink, watercolors, and digital formats, with recent work in Issue 10 of Shimmer, as well as writing and illustrating the weekly web comic, Saltwater Witch.

As an army brat, Chris grew up all over: Fort Belvoir, Virginia, Indiana, Presidio of San Francisco, France, Germany, and Japan.  He's a software engineer and part time Aristotelian philosopher.  His short stories have appeared in The Harrow, Another Realm, Ultraverse, Quantum Muse and others.  In May 2006, he released an SF thriller, Nanowhere, under a Creative Commons license.

He has settled in coastal New Hampshire with his wife and two wonderful kids.

Chris blogs on writing, art, Aristotle and technology.  Find out more at, or


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