MAY 2011

John D. Haefele's scholarly compilation, COMICS IN AMERICA BY AUGUST DERLETH, is now available from publisher Battered Silicon Dispatch Box

Lyn McConchie has two novels in award contention for New Zealand's Context (starting in June).  THE QUESTING ROAD is on the Best Novel ballot while SUMMER OF DREAMING is on the Best Young Adult ballot. 

APRIL 2011

Lyn McConchie and Sharman Horwood sold their collaborated novel, QUEEN OF IRON YEARS, to London publisher KITE HILL. The book is
scheduled for release in early fall of 2011.

Jo Walton sold audio rights for AMONG OTHERS as well as the entire Small Change series (FARTHING, HA'PENNY and HALF A CROWN) to Stephen Feldberg at Audible.

Sarah Monette is Guest of Honor at Madison, Wisconsin's  Odyssey Con 11, April 8-10, 2011.

MARCH 2011

Bill Gagliani sold WOLF'S EDGE to Don D'Auria at Samhain Publishing.

Jo Walton sold WHAT MAKES THIS BOOK SO GREAT? to Patrick Nielsen Hayden at Tor.


Lyn McConchie's latest fantasy received a wonderful review from Booklist.  "Lyn McConchie, Andre Norton’s collaborator for a number of novels in Norton’s universes, has continued Norton’s tradition in THE QUESTING ROAD. In search of a stolen child, a trio of ranchers pass a gate into another world. A short time later another four (including a telepathic cat) riding purely for adventure, pass a gate into the same world. The two groups meet, and soon discover that the world they have entered is in great danger. The child has been stolen to be sacrificed, which will lose a horde of demons on the land. It is part of a long-laid plot by one who seeks revenge, but others involved have their own schemes. The telepathic cat has a key role to play—if they can figure out what it is in time. The Questing Road is well-written adventure and definitely in Norton’s style. It should please Norton fans, and anyone looking for an agreeable read." --Frieda Murray 

FIELD DAZE, the 6th in Lyn McConchie’s humorous true-life books about her farm and animals, is scheduled for release in Australia in March at SWANCON. Lyn will be attending the launch, which also marks 20 years since her first professional short story "The Shar Shan Kelpie" appeared in MARION ZIMMER BRADLEYS FANTASY MAGAZINE in March 1991. FIELD DAZE will be the 23rd of her books to be published.


Jo Walton's AMONG OTHERS received a glowing review in the January/February issue of Fantasy & Science Fiction.  Reviewer Charles de Lint concludes by saying..."It has also jumped right into my short list of favorite books ever, and it's one that I plan to reread more than once."

Douglas Hulick's debut novel, AMONG THIEVES (Roc, April 2011 release), received a very positive review at Goodreads at


Jo Walton was interviewed in the November 29th issue of Publishers Weekly.

Jo Walton's AMONG OTHERS (Tor, January 2011 release) received a starred review in the November 15th issue of Publishers Weekly.


John C. Wright sold COUNT TO A TRILLION and three sequels to David Hartwell at Tor.


Sarah Monette sold SOMEWHERE BENEATH THESE WAVES to Sean Wallace at Prime Books.

CYBERWIZARD PRODUCTIONS have signed contracts for the remaining three books in Lyn’ McConchie's “Four Seasons quartet” for 8-14. The first, SUMMER OF DREAMING (foreword by Julie Czerneda), is available from Amazon or from the publisher at while the second, AUTUMN OF THE WILD PONY, has been completed in first draft and approved. Lyn plans to write “Winter” and “Spring” during the appropriate seasons of 2011.


Lyn McConchie’s recently released QUESTING ROAD, first book in a new series, was reviewed by The Library Review who had this to say… VERDICT A vivid and colorful background enlivened with intelligent catlike creatures as well as humans of many different cultures makes this a better-than-average fantasy that should appeal to fans of Norton's "Witch World" series.


Jo Walton's LIFELODE won the Mythopoeic Award and was earlier listed on Locus' Recommended Reading List for 2009.

Bill Gagliani’s WOLF’S BLUFF (latest in the Wolf series) was reviewed by Elder Signs  and at Tiffany’s Bookshelf  Tiffany’s Bookshelf also has reviewed the first and second Wolf titles, WOLF’S TRAP and WOLF’S GAMBIT in their July archive

JULY 2010

James Knapp's STATE OF DECAY received a wonderful online compliment from Sookie Stackhouse creator Charlaine Harris...  "I dropped by the Penguin booth at ComicCon, and since I was talking about the zombie panel I’d attended (the only one I got to attend as a member of the audience), the Penguin staff kindly gave me a copy of State of Decay. I was very impressed by this debut novel by James Knapp. In a futuristic world, the human race is served by revivors, former humans who’ve donated their bodies to be re-used after they die. FBI agent Nico Wachalowski has had a traumatic encounter with revivors, and when he becomes involved with a case of smuggling revivors for the sex trade he comes face to face with unpleasant possibilities about the lingering sentience in the revivors. The narrative moves between four characters: Nico, policewoman Faye, wrestler Calliope, and Zoe, who can psychically invade human minds. This is a well-constructed and exciting novel with some original world-building."  Here's a link to her site:

Lyn McConchie’s humorous true-life article "Fluffilated" on cat/sheep interaction sold to Hazard Cat website, and appeared in the Winter issue of the New Zealand Rare Breeds print magazine, while her article on a Doberman, "No Entry," has been sold to the National SPCA print quarterly, Animals’ Voice.

JUNE 2010

Lyn McConchie's short story "One of Those Days" has been sold for the Oct 2010 issue of The Lorelei Signal as well as the Nov 2010 issue of Mystic Signals (The print edition that combines Sorceress Signals and The Lorelei Signal) And her story "Heaven's Above" has sold to Whortleberry Press's FREE RANGE FAIRY TALES anthology.

MAY 2010

Lyn McConchie's article "Noises in the Night” appeared in in the May issue of National New Zealand Rare Breeds magazine. And her short stories "Opener of Doors" and "The Last Tiger" have sold to the Hazard Cat website.

Kelly McCullough sold the Kingslayer series, a new fantasy trilogy, to Anne Sowards at Ace.

Chris Howard was interviewed by Amy at Geek with Curves; they discussed his writing, art, his graphic novel SALTWATER WITCH and more!  It's up at Geek Girls network:

Author Kelly McCullough will be part of a project funded by a public outreach and education grant from NASA through the Space Telescope Science Institute to publicize the discovery of Hanny's Voorwerp. More information is available at

David D. Levine presented a thirty-minute talk about my MDRS experience as the keynote address at the Science Fiction Writers of America's annual Nebula Awards ceremony.  He also gave this presentation to Google in Mountain View, CA and Powell’s Technical Books in OR and is scheduled to give it at WisCon in Madison (June 20) and at the Washington Aerospace Scholars event in Seattle July 11.  The Google talk was recorded and can be viewed at

APRIL 2010

Sharman Horwood sold reprint rights to “Nurse Tink” to

James Knapp’s STATE OF DECAY was reviewed at One from The Green Man Review: and also at Wag The Fox’s Rabid Reads:

Lyn McConchie's multi episode series HAVE YOU OVERLOOKED - ? has sold to Abandoned Towers website for two weekly publication. Articles on a selection of earlier SF/F writers who were good but had only small amounts of work published in 1950s-1980s and hence may be/have been overlooked by later readers - first two articles already out.

MARCH 2010

Lyn McConchie sold “You Never Understand People” to theme anthology STRANGE MYSTERIES.2 out shortly from WHORTLEBERRY PRESS and her article “Frustrations of a Writer” has just sold to the New Zealand National Writers magazine.

Sharman Horwood recently sold a short article to Animal Voice, the New Zealand SPCA magazine. It will appear in either their Fall or Winter issue.

The podcast of David D. Levine’s "Babel Probe" won the Drabblecast People’s Choice Award for best story of 2009.  In addition, he sold novella "Second Chance" to anthology ALEMBICAL II from Paper Golem LLC, novelette "Powers" to Wild Cards Volume One, Expanded Edition and short story "A Passion for Art" to Interzone.  His short story "Nucleon" sold reprint rights to RETRO SPEC: TALES of FANTASY and NOSTALGIA.

Lyn McConchie sold a theme collection of her short stories to Cyberwizard Productions for publication in 2011. TALES FROM THE MARRIGAN TRADE HOUSE, is an expanded re-written version of a chapbook originally published in the UK about 10 years ago, however about half of the material is new.

David D. Levine’s "Teaching the Pig to Sing" appears in the May 2010 issue of Analog.  The audio version of his "Wind from a Dying Star" was podcast at Escape Pod.  David’s non-fiction essay "How the Future Predicts Science Fiction" appeared in the final issue of The Internet Review of Science Fiction and his story "horrorhouse" appeared online at DayBreak Magazine.

David D. Levine gave a five-minute talk about his experiences with the Mars Society's Mars Desert Research Station (a simulated Mars base in the Utah desert). The video of his talk has been posted on YouTube:

Bill Gagliani’s "At the Back of the Blue Bus," written with David Benton, is in issue #3 of the e-zine DEAD LINES. DEAL LINES also listed WOLF’S GAMBIT as one of the best novels of 2009 and WOLF’S TRAP (the first in his multi-book series) as one of the best novels of the decade, 2000-2009

James Knapp has a ‘Big Idea’ feature on John Scalzi’s site ‘Whatever’


James Knapp was interviewed about his newly released STATE OF DECAY by Jessica Strider on Sci-Fi Fan Letter

David D. Levine recently was a member of Crew 88 at the Mars Society's Mars Desert Research Station, a simulated Mars base in the Utah desert. Since then he has participated in "post mission" interviews...Mars Mission on Earth (KATU-TV, 2/26/10):   Life on Mars... or at least a close facsimile (KGW-TV, 2/20/10):  He has also provided the interview "as broadcast," which includes a nice introduction and some on-screen photos and videos from MDRS, at

James Knapp's STATE OF DECAY received a good review from the ‘Sci-Fi Chick’ on her site and another nice review at Fantasy & SciFi Lovin News & Reviews


David D. Levine was selected to be a member of Crew 88 at the Mars Society's Mars Desert Research Station! The MDRS is a simulated Mars base in the Utah desert and I will be there January 9-23, 2010. See for more information on MDRS and David’s blog ( for details of the adventure.

James Knapp’s STATE OF DECAY received a wonderful review from Library Journal:  “In the dark future of Knapp’s debut, biotechnology has developed the ability to reanimate the dead. More like cyborgs than traditional zombies, “revivors” were first created on the battlefield as a kind of cannon fodder, but now they are used for various legitimate and illicit purposes. Society is stratified, with members of the underclass buying their way up the ladder by selling their bodies to be made into revivors after death. Four characters-–an FBI agent, a cop, a cage-fighter, and a psychic—come together around a series of strange murders. VERDICT: STATE will appeal to readers who like Jonathan Maberry’s zombie thriller Patient Zero, and fans of gritty sf author Richard K. Morgan (Altered Carbon) will enjoy it as well. Highly recommended.”

The Ed Hoch Estate sold multi-book short story collections to Jilin Publishing Group in China via Fei Wu Agency.

John D. Haefele's scholarly book, AUGUST DERLETH REDUX: THE WEIRD TALE 1930-1971, was published by H. Harksen Productions


David D. Levine won the Endeavour Award for his collection SPACE MAGIC, published by Wheatland Press. The award is for "a distinguished science fiction or fantasy book written by a Pacific Northwest author or authors," and was judged Joe Haldeman, John Helfers, and Sarah Zettel.

Lyn McConchie has a story in the latest Wortleberry anthology, CHRISTMAS IN OUTER SPACE, and her story, “The Third Floor” sold to ABANDONED TOWERS magazine for 2010 publication.

Bill Gagliani’s WOLF’S GAMBIT received a positive review at Fatally Yours


New client Doug Hulick sold his first (as yet untitled) novel and two sequels to Anne Sowards at Ace.

Sarah Monette, writing as Katherine Addison, sold THE EMPEROR OF ELFLAND to James Frenkel at Tor.

David D. Levine sold short story "Pupa" to Analog.  His "The Tale of the Golden Eagle" will be translated into French for the anthology LEGENDES, edited by Jacques Fuentealba (forthcoming March 2010 from Céléphaïs).  In addition, GAMER FANTASTIC includes "Aggro Radius"  and STRIP MAULED includes "Overnight Moon" with both anthologies now available.

Lyn McConchie sold "Worth of a Man" to the anthology TIME IN A BOTTLE.  She also sold "We're Such An Unfortunate Family" to THE SILLY WESTERN ANTHOLOGY (working title) coming soon from Cyberwizard Productions.


David D. Levine sold short story "horrorhouse" to DayBreak Magazine, a new online magazine dedicated to near-future, optimistic SF. It will appear on October 31.  In addition, "Wind from a Dying Star," his first professional sale (originally published in 2001) will be podcast in Escape Pod early next year.

Bill Gagliani's WOLF'S GAMBIT has been reviewed at as well as and

Bill Gagliani sold WOLF'S EDGE (4th title in his "Wolf" Series) to Don D'Auria at Leisure Books. 


Lyn McConchie's ghost tale, "Full Circle,"  has been accepted for Micahael Eidson's anthology, OUT OF ORDER. 

David D. Levine sold "Teaching the Pig to Sing" to Analog and "Family Matters" to Esther Friesner for her as-yet- untitled anthology about vampires in suburbia.

Bill Gagliani attended Killercon in Las Vegas to promote his Wolf series (Leisure Books). 

Chris Howard sold "Lost Dogs and Fireplace Archeology" to Fantasy Magazine.  

David D. Levine has stories in the following recent publications: "Midnight at the Center Court" (fantasy) in anthology WITCH WAY TO THE MALL edited by Esther Friesner, "Fair Play" (erotica) in ebook anthology Up for Grabs from Circlet Press, "Charlie the Purple Giraffe" (audio reprint) in podcast The Drabblecast, "Titanium Mike Saves the Day" (audio reprint) in podcast StarShipSofa, and "I Hold My Father's Paws" (audio reprint) in the archive of podcast Beam Me Up.


David D. Levine's "Firewall" and "Sun Magic, Earth Magic" received Honorable Mentions from Gardner Dozois in his annual Year's Best SF.

Lyn McConchie's "Worth of a Man" has been accepted for the TIME IN A BOTTLE anthology. 

Chris Todd attended ArmadilloCon in Austin, Texas.

JULY 2009

JO Walton’s HALF A CROWN has been nominated for the Sunburst Award.  The book is also on the annual Locus list of recommended books.

Lyn McConchie sold stories to two new theme anthologies. “A Record in Grandsire Triples” will appear in Wortleberry Press's, IT WAS A DARK AND STORMY HALLOWEEN, while her humorous western tale “Skunked” has been accepted for CYBERWIZARD Productions' as yet untitled western stories anthology.

David Levine’s short story collection Space Magic is a nominee for the Endeavour Award (presented at OryCon in Portland, Oregon each year for a science fiction or fantasy book written by a Pacific Northwest author).  His "Firewall" and "Sun Magic, Earth Magic" received Honorable Mentions from Gardner Dozois in his annual Year's Best SF. He has also sold "Teaching the Pig to Sing" to Analog and "Family Matters" to Esther Friesner for her as-yet- untitled anthology about vampires in suburbia.  In addition, David has stories in the following recent publications: "Midnight at the Center Court" (fantasy) in anthology WITCH WAY TO THE MALL edited by Esther Friesner, "Fair Play" (erotica) in ebook anthology UP FOR GRABS from Circlet Press, "Charlie the Purple Giraffe" (audio reprint) in podcast The Drabblecast, "Titanium Mike Saves the Day" (audio reprint) in podcast StarShipSofa, and "I Hold My Father's Paws" (audio reprint) in the archive of podcast Beam Me Up.

Kelly McCullough was one of the literary GoHs at CONvergence in the Twin Cities, 4th of July weekend, attendance 4,000 .  He will also be one of the GoHs (along with Pat Rothfuss and Kathryn Sullivan) at WASFEn (Wausau Area Science Fiction Enthusiasts) Con -- servicing Central Wisconsin.

JUNE 2009

Lyn McConchie's RURAL DAZE AND (K)NIGHTS, the fifth in her humorous non-fiction series, has been accepted by Australian publisher Avalook Publications with release scheduled for later this year. As well, five of Lyn's poems have been taken for the Abandoned Towers website or magazine by Crystalwizard Productions in the USA.

Sharman Horwood recently sold an article, "Finding Copper," to a New Zealand magazine, Animal Voice.

Doug Hulick is now represented by the agency.

MAY 2009

Lyn McConchie has sold another couple of theme stories this month. Her work was accepted in THE DEVIL'S FOOD, a genre anthology out soon, and INSPIRING TEACHERS, a true-life stories anthology appearing from Australia this year.

Bill Gagliani's WOLF'S BLUFF (third title in the Wolf series) has sold to Don D'Auria at Leisure Books.

Jo Walton's HALF A CROWN has been nominated for the 2008 Sidewise Award for Alternate History in the long form category.  Winners will be announced at WorldCon in August of 2009.

David D. Levine has been selected to write one of three new stories in a hardcover reissue of Volume One of George R. R. Martin's "Wild Cards" series ( He has also had the following stories published: "Titanium Mike Saves the Day" (reprint) in Nebula Awards Showcase 2009 (; "Babel Probe" (audio reprint) in The Drabblecast podcast (; "Galactic Stress" in online anthology Diamonds in the Sky (; "Joy is the Serious Business of Heaven" in the April issue of Realms of Fantasy; "Firewall" (Chinese translation) in SF King; and "Sun Magic, Earth Magic" in webzine Beneath Ceaseless Skies (

APRIL 2009

Davis D. Levine sold humorous fantasy "Overnight Moon" to anthology STRIP MAULED, edited by Esther Friesner, and erotica short-short "Fair Play" to anthology UP FOR GRABS, edited by Cecilia Tan.  His collection, SPACE MAGIC, earned glowing reviews in Realms of Fantasy and the Internet Review of Science Fiction ("this collection makes it clear that David D. Levine is a writer to watch").

Lyn McConchie'S SF/Disaster novel VESTIGES OF FLAMES sold to DAVERANA ENTERPRISES and is scheduled to appear late 2009/early 2010.

Jo Walton's HALF A CROWN has been nominated for the Prometheus Award.

MARCH 2009

Jack Ritchie's "The Magnum" was optioned by independent production company, Facefire, Inc.


Jo Walton was a guest of Boskone where her  SIBYLS & SPACESHIPS (NESFA Press) made its debut appearance.

Gerard Houarner's A BLOOD OF KILLERS (Necro Press) has a very nice review in the February 16th issue of Publishers Weekly.

Lyn McConchie had an article in each of two bi-national magazines, one on her writing, the other on childhood events. A third has been accepted for a new factual theme anthology edited by Eric Bowen, WISDOM OF OUR MOTHERS (Familia Books), appearing later this year.


Lyn McConchie continues her run of recent anthology acceptances with sales to THE BOOK OF EXODI, edited by Michael Eidsen, DARK DISTORTIONS, edited by Molly Freese, and PANTECHNICON BOOK OF LIES, edited by Trudi Topham.


The Ed Hoch Estate sold Chinese translation rights for five short story collections in a deal negotiated through sub-agent Fei Wu.

Jo Walton's HALF-A-CROWN was named one of the Best 150 Books of the Year by Publishers Weekly.

Lyn McConchie sold a set of six articles to the Australian magazine, Writer's Voice, which will run for one year's issues under the inclusive title 'Workshop'. In addition Lyn sold several stories and poems for reprint plus an original article to Abandoned Towers Magazine for their website and first three issues.

David Levine recently sold five new short stories: "Sun Magic, Earth Magic" to Beneath Ceaseless Skies, "Galactic Stress" to Diamonds in the Sky, "Aggro Radius" to Gamer Fantastic, "Midnight at the Center Court" to Witch Way to the Mall, and "Joy is the Serious Business of Heaven" to Realms of Fantasy.


Lyn McConchie sold a supernatural themed book for older children to the TOYBOX imprint of CYBERWIZARD PRODUCTIONS. SUMMER OF DREAMING is scheduled for late 2009 publication. She also had a mystery story "Reunion" accepted in PMS (POISON-MURDER-SATISFACTION) anthology to appear shortly from L&L Dreamspell.

Kelly McCullough will be a literary Guest of Honor at CONvergence 2009 in Minneapolis on the July 4th weekend. Additional information at:

David Levine's "Titanium Mike Saves the Day" will appear in the anthology NEBULA AWARDS SHOWCASE 2009 and an interview with David has been posted on the Nebula Awards website (  The story has also been translated into French and Czech and will be podcast on StarShipSofa (


David Levine's first collection of short stories, SPACE MAGIC, has been published by Wheatland Press (  There's also a signed and numbered hardback edition, available exclusively from Wrigley-Cross Books (

David Levine joined the faculty of the Iron Springs Writers' Retreat (, scheduled for June of 2009 in Ocean Shores, WA.


Kelly McCullough sold SPELLCRASH, fifth book in the Webmage series, to Anne Sowards at Ace.

John C. Wright sold "Guyal the Curator" to SONG OF THE DYING EARTH (Gardner Dozois and Jonathan Strahan, eds.) published by Subterranean.  John also sold "Far End of History: A Tale from the Last Days of the Seventh Mental Structure" (set in his GOLDEN AGE TRILOGY world) to NEW SPACE OPERA II (also edited by Dozois and Strahan).

Lyn McConchie's SOUTH OF RIO CHAMA sold to CYBERWIZARD PRODUCTIONS and her short story "Joanna" has sold to the WOLFSONG anthology, edited by M.H. Bonham (scheduled for release in September 2008).

The estate of celebrated mystery author Ed Hoch is now represented by the agency.

William Gagliani's WOLF'S GAMBIT, sequel to WOLF'S TRAP, sold to Don D'Auria at Leisure Books.


Lyn McConchie sold "Is It Just Me Or Are Sheep Getting Smarter?" to Readers Digest.

James Knapp sold first novel REVIVORS and two sequels to Jessica Wade at Ace.

Jo Walton sold LIFELODE to Peter Olson at NESFA.

Sarah Monette sold Chinese language rights to MELUSINE to WANYU CULTURE & ART CO in a deal negotiated in cooperation with the Grayhawk Agency.

JULY 2008

Kelly McCullough will be a literary GOH at CONvergence 2009 in Minneapolis July 4th weekend. For more information, visit the con's website at

Lyn McConchie recently signed contracts for the publication of DAZE IN THE COUNTRY, the fourth in her humorous non-fiction series.  AVALOOK PUBLICATIONS (Australia) has the book scheduled for an October 2008 release.

Kelly McCullough’s CODESPELL (Ace) received a glowing 5-star review on the Huntress Book Reviews site

Sarah Monette’s THE BONE KEY (Prime) is a finalist for the Shirley Jackson Award for Best Collection. See the complete listing at

JUNE 2008

Barbra Annino is now represented by the agency.

Lyn McConchie's short story "Denise"  old to New Zealand's National Radio for national broadcast later this year, while GHOST TOWN anthology, edited by David Riley, accepted her short ghost tale, "Jonah's Piece."

Kelly McCullough's CODESPELL (Ace sequel to WEBMAGE and CYBERMANCY) received a glowing review in the latest edition of SFRevu 

Kelly's CODESPELL also received a "4 star" review from Romantic Times.

Lyn McConchie's slightly horror tale, "Just A Poor Old Lady, will appear in the Aug/Sept. issue of New Zealand's JAAM magazine.

MAY 2008

Jo Walton’s HA’PENNY has garnered nominations for the Prometheus and Lambda awards as well as for the Sidewise award (long form category); Sidewise winners will be announced at WorldCon in August.

Lyn McConchie's short story, “Waiting Tables and Time,” will appear in Lethe Press's new anthology…HAUNTED HEARTHS, edited by Catherine Lundoff…to be launched in May just before Wiscon.

Kelly McCullough’s CYBERMANCY made it onto Voice Of Youth Advocate's (VOYA) Best of the Year list for 2007  (WEBMAGE was on the 2006 VOYA list).

APRIL 2008

David Levine’s "Titanium Mike Saves the Day" is on the final Nebula ballot in the short story category.

Moira Moore’s HEROS ADRIFT, third book in her Heroes series (Ace), received a wonderful review in the April issue of Locus.

Sarah Monette discusses her career, writing and her popular series (MELUSINE, THE VIRTU, THE MIRADOR and the upcoming final book in the series, CORAMBIS) as she’s interviewed in the April issue of Locus.

MARCH 2008

John C. Wright’s NULL-A CONTINUUM is reviewed in the March 10th issue of Publishers Weekly.

Lyn McConchie's brief true-life tale about her cow has been accepted for the "Smart Animals" section in the May issue of Reader's Digest.


Jo Walton's HA'PENNY was chosen for Locus magazine's 2007 Recommended Reading List under science fiction novels.

John C. Wright's TITANS OF CHAOS was selected by Locus for its fantasy novel Recommended Reading List for 2007.

David Levine’s "Titanium Mike Saves the Day" has now made it to the preliminary Nebula ballot (

Lyn McConchie sold the as yet untitled first book in the new Aradian series to James Frenkel at Tor.

Jo Walton sold OUR SEA to Patrick Nielsen Hayden at Tor.


Lyn McConchie's short story "Children of the City" has been accepted for publication by the Ruins Metropolis anthology.

Betty Ren Wright’s TOO MANY SECRETS (Scholastic, 1997) is being rereleased by Scholastic Canada in their Moving Up With Literacy Place program.

David Levine’s "Titanium Mike Saves the Day" is on the preliminary Nebula ballot (

John C. Wright is interviewed in the January  issue of online magazine SFcrowsnest at


Lyn McConchie's true-life photo-illustrated cat story, “Someone Who Needs Me,” has been accepted by Australia/New Zealand-wide That’s Life magazine for publication in the New Year.

The LA TIMES pickeds HA'PENNY by Jo Walton as one of their Favorite Mysteries of 2007!  See their comments at,0,2441085.story?coll=la-books-center

Jennifer Fallon's THE GODS OF AMYRANTHA, Book 2 of the Tide Lords series, has been shortlisted for Best Fantasy in the Aurealis Awards.

Jo Walton's HA'PENNY received a wonderful review in the December issue of Locus.  The book also earned positive reviews in the LA TIMES,1,1770871.story?ctrack=1&cset=true, the DENVER POST and Boing Boing

Sarah Monette's THE BONE KEY received a great review in the 11/19/07 issue of Publishers Weekly


James Knapp is now represented by the agency.

Sarah Monette  sold "Amante Doree" (originally published in Paradox 10, Winter 2006) to editor Martin Sust for the Czech anthology  TROCHU DIVNE KUSY 3. 

Lyn McConchie sold “A Wilderness of Sand” to editor Eric Reynolds for his upcoming theme anthology, DESOLATE PLACES.

Lyn McConchie was interviewed by Jan Stinson (editor of "Peregrine Nations") for Broad Universe's BROADSHEET this month.  The interview covered Lyn’s collaborations with Andre Norton as well as her own works. 


Bill Gagliani’s short piece on the Hammer film "Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter" appears in Issue #9 of CINEMA RETRO magazine (  His Amazon Short (story) "The Great Belzoni and the Gait of Anubis" was awarded an Honorable Mention (his sixth) in THE YEAR'S BEST FANTASY & HORROR (20th ed.)..

John Haefele recently published four short essays about Arkham House (Publisher), August Derleth and H. P. Lovecraft, in each of four issues comprising v28 of the August Derleth Society Newsletter.  He’s currently working on a long essay about Derleth and Clark Ashton Smith for Lost Worlds, and several articles and chapbooks for The Cimmerian, scheduled late this year and 2008.

Bill Gagliani’s "Mood Elevator" (co-written with David Benton) is included in the anthology DARK PASSIONS: HOT BLOOD 13 (edited by Gelb and Garrett; Kensington Books).


Lyn McConchie's recent article, “Losing History,” on how increasing e-mail use is destroying the legacy of written letters which can be used by biographers, has now been accepted for publication in New Zealand, Australia, England and America. It seems that her protest has struck a chord.

Jo Walton’s HA’PENNY (sequel to last year’s FARTHING) received a glowing review in the September 3rd issue of Publishers Weekly.

AUGUST 2007 

Sharman Horwood recently sold "An Unexpected Journey," a short article titled about writing and painting while living overseas, to the university news magazine, HAKBU DE HAK NEWS.

Lyn McConchie’s “Rats In the Walls” is now out in the Hadley Rille Books anthology, RUINS-TERRA.

JULY 2007

Moirs Moore turned in HEROES ADRIFT (book three in the Hero series) to Anne Sowards at Ace.

Kelly turned in CODESPELL (book three in the Webmage series) to Anne Sowards at Ace

Betty Ren Wright’s THE DOLLHOUSE MURDERS has been optioned by film producer Sofia Akinyele. 

John C. Wright has sold LETTERS FROM TOMORROW to Glenn Yeffeth at BenBella.

Jo Walton turned in HA’PENNY (sequel to FARTHING) to Patrick Neilson Hayden at Tor.

Lyn McConchie's short story, “By the Sword,” has been accepted for country-wide radio broadcast by New Zealand's national radio service.

JUNE 2007

Sarah Monette’s THE MIRADOR received a wonderful review in the June 25th issue of Publishers Weekly.

Jo Walton's FARTHING  has been nominated for two prestigious awards; the Quill Award and the John W. Campbell Memorial Award.

Moira Moore sold two additional titles in her Hero series (RESENTING THE HERO and THE HERO STRIKES BACK) to Anne Sowards at Ace.

MAY 2007

Chris Howard sold SEABORN to Paula Guran at Juno Books with tentative publication early 2008.

Chris Howard is now represented by the agency.

APRIL 2007

John C. Wright's TITANS OF CHAOS has been released by Tor and received a glowing review in the April issue of Locus.

Lyn McConchie's TIGER DAZE, third in her humorous non-fiction series, was published in April (Australia's Avalook Publications).  In diary format and illustrated, this is a record of eight years she shared with her Ocicat, Tiger.

Jo Walton’s FARTHING (Tor) is on the shortlist for the Sidewise Award for Alternate History in the novel category.  Presented each year since 1995, this award recognizes excellence in alternate history writing.  FARTHING also made the 2006 Locus shortlist (science fiction category) for best novel.

Sharman Horwood recently sold "Just a Tree" to editor Janrae Frank for dark fantasy anthology THINGS ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM (Renaissance Books, due out later this year).

The Gordons’ recently released MAGIC BITES received an “A” review from Dear Author… The book also received a nice review from the editors at Barnes & Noble…

MARCH 2007

Lyn McConchie's “The Looking Glass Girl” is the lead story in SF TRAILS - SF MEETS THE OLD WEST, the new Trails anthology edited by David Riley (March release).

Jo Walton’s FARTHING has won the Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award for Best SF novel of 2006.

The Gordon's MAGIC BITES has received a wonderful review at Fresh Fiction. You may see this review by visiting

Sarah Monette sold short story collection THE BONE KEY to Wildside Press.

Ilona Andrews' (Ilona and Andrew Gordon) MAGIC BITES was very positively reviewed by Romantic Junkies 

Kelly McCullough sold two additional untitled books in the Webmage world (WEBMAGE, CYBERMANCY) to Anne Sowards at Ace.


Jo Walton's FARTHING (Tor) is on the Nebula final ballot for novel. 

MAGIC BITES (Ace, April 2007) by Ilona and Andrew Gordon (writing as Ilona Andrews) has received advance reviews from Alternative Worlds at and Mysterious Galaxy at  The Gordons have also created a movie-trailer promo for the book which can be seen at their web site ( and on YouTube 

After several of Lyn McConchie's poems appeared in a local weekly newspaper, a breakfast food company approached her and has accepted three of the poems for national distribution in their cereal packets.

Jo Walton’s poem "Candlemass Poem," which was published in "Lone Star Stories," has been nominated for a Rhysling Award.

Sarah Monette' THE VIRTU, Jo Walton's FARTHING and John C. Wright's FUGITIVES OF CHAOS are all on the Locus Recommended Reading List for 2006 as reported in the February 2007 issue..

Jo Walton's FARTHING has been chosen as one of the Romantic Times 2006 Reviewers' Choice Award nominees for science fiction novel.

David Levine was interviewed by the Sci-Phi Show podcast (  It’s available at  David also sold short story "Babel Probe" to the brand new online science fiction magazine Darker Matter ( It will appear in the first issue (scheduled for March 1, 2007).


Lyn McConchie sold a set of twelve farming/animal poems to a New Zealand newspaper; they were familiar with her work and approached her with the request.

David D. Levine’s (Aeon Award short-listed) "I Hold My Father's Paws" ( has sold to Gardner Dozois for his 24th annual Year's Best Science Fiction anthology.


Lyn McConchie's short story, “The Bully,” has been accepted for the (working title) anthology, THEY'RE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM: TALES OF MIMICRY AND HORROR.

Lyn McConchie has had her third book in the 'Daze' series accepted by Australian publisher Avalook Publications. TIGER DAZE is a humorous non-fiction diary about her Ocicat Tiger and covers eight years of his life. The book is scheduled to appear in the second half of 2007.

Chico Kidd sold “Unfinished Business,” a new Captain da Silva tale, to Grayfriar Press for inclusion in POE’S PROGENY (edited by Gary Friar).  In addition, Ash Tree Press plans to publish all the da Silva stories in two collections.


Jo Walton's FARTHING has been added the the list of noteworthy book of 2006 by the Kansas City Star.

John C Wright’s FUGITIVES OF CHAOS received a wonderful review in the November issue of Locus.

Alison Baird was awarded a literary grant by the Ontario Arts Council for a new fantasy that will be set partly in British Columbia.  The Ontario Arts Council (OAC) is an organization that funds projects by professional artists, writers and performers. 


Lyn McConchie's short magic realism tale, “The Lion’s Shadow,” was recently accepted for the American anthology, TIRESIAS REVISITED.

John  D. Haefele sold "Skull-Face and Others at Sixty" to The Cimmerian 3, No. 9 (Sept 2006) and a reference book, A BIBLIOGRAPHY OF BOOKS AND ARTICLES WRITTEN BY AUGUST W. DERLETH CONCERNING DERLETH AND THE WEIRD TALE AND ARKHAM HOUSE PUBLISHING (The Cimmerian Press, 2006).

Lyn McConchie’s “Firedancer” appears in the recently published USA anthology TRAILS, INTRIGUING STORIES OF THE OLD WEST edited by David Riley (Pirate Dog Press).  The editor has also accepted “The Looking Glass Girl” for the next TRAILS anthology.

David Levine sold foreign rights to 2005 Hugo winner "Tk'Tk'Tk" to Robot (Italy), Ikarie (Czechoslovakia), Portti (Finland), and Nowa Fantastyka (Poland).  Also, "The Tale of the Golden Eagle" has been translated into Swedish, in Issue 7/8 of the magazine Nova Science Fiction. In addition, four of his stories received Honorable Mentions in Gardner Dozois' YEAR'S BEST SCIENCE FICTION: "A Book is a Journey," "Circle of Compassion," "The Ecology of Faerie," and "Tk'Tk'Tk."


Kelly McCullough’s WEBMAGE a very nice review from Green Man Reviews at and another fine review from Apex Digest at

E. Rose Sabin’s WHEN THE BEAST RAVENS has been released in a Romanian edition and the book cover, that  uniquely combines artwork from both the hard cover and trade paperback domestic editions, can be seen at

Lyn McConchie's "The Last Tiger" was accepted by the New Zealand National magazine Flash Cats for publication later this year. Also taken by them has been a humorous article on the ubiquity of cats.


David D. Levine’s "Tk'tk'tk" won the 2005 Hugo Award for Best Short Story.  This story was also listed in the Locus Recommended Reading List for 2005.

Kelly McCullough’s WEBMAGE received a glowing review from Booklist: “McCullough has done an excellent job of weaving myth, magic, IT jargon, and the English language into a bang-up story.”

Alison Baird has sold translation rights to WYRD OF WILLOWMERE to M!, the same Dutch publisher that brought out editions of the first two books in the series, WITCHES OF WILLOWMERE and WARDING OF WILLOWMERE.

Kelly McCullough’s WEBMAGE has been receiving numerous positive reviews…'s Science Fiction Weekly:… and Noble's Explorations Magazine:…Romance Reviews Today: Fiction:

Bill Gagliani will be Author Guest of Honor at JVL-CON in Janesville, Wisconsin.

Lyn McConchie has had true-life animal story “The Gift” accepted by the new SPCA anthology to be published early 2007 and titled in America as YOUR CAT DID WHAT? (In New Zealand as PETS ARE SMARTER THAN JACK.)


JULY 2006

Kelly McCullough’s WEBMAGE (Ace, July 2006) received a four starred review from Romantic Times. In part it says: “McCullough has done a fantastic job integrating technology and mythology...” and “will appeal to readers looking for something a bit off the beaten path.”

Sarah Monette’s THE VIRTU received a starred and boxed review in Booklist.  "In another fine, compelling volume, Monette tidies up the loose ends and unresolved issues of MELUSINE.”   “The magic is delightfully inventive, and the world Monette creates includes some truly intriguing aspects. Nor could one find a more deliciously sadistic villain than Malker. Perhaps best of all is Monette's authorial voice, abundantly blessed with originality, sophistication, and artistry."

JUNE 2006

Kelly McCullough’s debut novel WEBMAGE (July, 2006; ACE) has a starred review the June 26th issue of Publishers Weekly.  “…original and outstanding debut.”  “…this is the kind of title that could inspire an army of rabid fans…”

Sarah Monette’s THE VIRTU received a wonderful review in the June issue of Locus.

Lyn McConchie's children’s' Troll picture book series published in New Zealand, (THE LONELY TROLL, THE TROLL’S NEW JERSEY, THE TROLL AND THE TANAWHA and THE TROLL AND THE HUIA) is highlighted in an English and Norwegian language article appearing in the Spring edition of the Nyform Troll International Collectors Club magazine published in Norway.

Betty Ren Wright has been named a Notable Children’s Book Author for 2006 by the Wisconsin Library Association.

Jo Walton’s FARTHING (August, 2006; Tor) received a starred review in the June 12th issue of Publishers Weekly.  ”…stunningly powerful alternate history…”  “Mainstream readers should be enthralled as well.”

At the New Zealand National SF Convention Lyn McConchie received 'the Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best SF/F Novel by an NZ Writer and published in the Previous Year' for her fantasy work, THE DUKE'S BALLAD. The competition was very strong this year with five books nominated; three published in Australia, one in Canada, and Lyn's book which appeared from TOR.

Sarah Monette’s THE VIRTU received a positive reviewed in LIBRARY JOURNAL. "Monette's sequel to MELUSINE builds upon the distinctive personalities and voices of its two unlikely heroes and presents an engagingly intelligent fantasy that belongs in most libraries."

MAY 2006

Sarah Monette’s MELUSINE made the long list for the 2005 Tiptree; full listing at

Lyn McConchie sold “Animal Stories,” an article on the animals in her writing, to NZ Rare Breeds Quarterly for its September issue.

Sarah Monette’s THE VIRTU has a starred review in the May 15th issue of Publishers Weekly.

The Larry Sternig estate sold dramatic rights for “Clutch if Morpheus” to independent screenwriter/producer John Picone.

Jo Walton’s FARTHING received a glowing review in the May issue of Locus.

Sharman Horwood recently sold "Elevator Smarts" to a new anthology titled, RESCUED ANIMALS ARE SMARTER THAN JACK, which will be published in September, 2006. (It will be published in North America under the title SMART RESCUED ANIMALS.)

John C. Wright, in cooperation with the estate of A. E. Van Vogt, has written NULL A CONTINUIUM (a sequel to Van Vogt's WORLD OF NULL A).  The book sold to David Hartwell at Tor.

APRIL 2006

Lyn McConchie sold her short story “Firedancer” to David Riley's new anthology TRAILS: INTRIGUING STORIES OF THE OLD WEST, scheduled for publication later this year.

Bill Gagliani’s WOLF’S TRAP has been released by Leisure.  An online review appears at

A Japanese language collection of Jack Ritchie short stories titled THE CRIME MACHINE AND OTHER STORIES has been released by Shobunsha.

MARCH 2006

Lyn McConchie and Andre Norton's THE DUKE'S BALLAD has been nominated for the Sir Julius Vogel Award.

David D. Levine’s "Tk'tk'tk" is one of five nominees for the 2005 Hugo Award for Best Short Story.  This story was also listed in the Locus Recommended Reading List for 2005.

Sarah Monette is up for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer

Gerard Houarner’s "The Oddist," "Twelve Nights," and "Our Lady of the Jars" are all included in BEST OF EPITAPHS (edited by Tom Piccirilli).  His “Captivity” appears in TALES OF THE UNANTICIPATED 26.

Jo Walton will be the Literary Guest of Honor at Duckon 15.

Sarah Monette sold "Draco campestris" to Strange Horizons.

Alison Baird sold foreign rights to all three books in the Dragon Throne series to the Czech Republic

Five of Gerard Houarner’s stories published in 2004 received Honorable Mentions in the 18th edition of the YEAR’S BEST FANTASY AND HORROR (St. Martins Press).    

The agency was interviewed for an article on literary agents for the April 2006 issue of Writer’s Digest.

Sarah Monette’s "Elegy for a Demon Lover" will be reprinted in THE BEST OF THE REST 4 (Suddenly Press). 

David D. Levine sold “Primates” to Asimov's.  He also sold "Titanium Mike Saves the Day," to The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. His previously published "Nucleon" will be translated into Hebrew and appear in the Israeli webzine Bli-Panika.

Gerard Houarner’s “Painted Faces” is included in BEST OF BORDERLANDS (edited by Elizabeth Monteleone).  The Borderlands series of horror anthologies includes works by Peter Straub, Stephen King, Ramsey Campbell and others, so Gerard is in good company.

Sharman Horwood sold two short pieces to the next Smarter Than Jack issue, due out in June. They are "One Eye," and "Henny Penny and the Bear."  The North American title for this edition is 91 SMART SASSY ANIMALS. (In New Zealand, Australia and Canada, it will be titled CHEEKY ANIMALS ARE SMARTER THAN JACK.)

Chapter One of Sarah Monette’s THE VIRTU (Ace, August of 2006; sequel to MELUSINE) is available online at:   Chapter Two will go up the 3rd of April, Three the 3rd of May, and Four the 3rd of June.

Lyn McConchie has made a double sale of two of her true-life animal tales to the next animal anthology from the SPCA; CHEEKY ANIMALS ARE SMARTER THAN JACK appears late 2006.

Moira Moore’s just released RESENTING THE HERO (Ace) has received several positive reviews.  Fresh Fiction says: "Entertaining novel for both romance and fantasy readers." (full review at  According to Alternate Worlds…”The sexual tension between the two protagonists is so strong that readers will feel sparks fly off the pages.” (  And sfrevu ends up by stating “I won't say more.......other than I recommend the book.”  (


John C. Wright's ORPHANS OF CHAOS (Tor) is a finalist for the 2005 Nebula Award for Novel.  The Award Ceremony will take place on May 6th, 2006 in Tempe, Arizona.

Sarah Monette’s poem, "Night Train: Heading West," originally Published in The Magazine of Speculative Poetry has been chosen to appear in the 2005 edition of YEAR'S BEST FANTASY & HORROR.

John D. Haefele is now represented by the agency; he recently sold "Robert E. Howard in the Necronomicon Press" for publication in The Cimmerian 2, No. 6 (The Cimmerian Press).

Chris Todd is now represented by the agency.

Sarah Monette’s “A Gift of Wings” appears in THE QUEEN IN WINTER, a four author anthology of romantic fantasies released in February by Berkley.

John C. Wright’s ORPHANS OF CHAOS is on Locus’s “2005 Recommended Reading List” under “Fantasy Novels.”

Sarah Monette’s MELUSINE is on Locus’s “2005 Recommended Reading List” under “First Novels.”

Lyn McConchie's true-life animal story THE PROTECTOR sold to two venues. In the shorter version it appeared in the magazine THAT'S LIFE and in the long format it has been accepted by the NZ Rare Breeds Association magazine for photo-illustrated publication later this eyar.

Sarah Monette’s MELUSINE has been shortlisted for the Crawford Award.  For details, please visit


Kelly McCullough’s educational collection is out as THE CHRONICLES OF A WANDERING STAR (It's About Time).

Bill Gagliani sold a short piece to ON WRITING HORROR, edited by Mort Castle (Writer's Digest Books). It's an HWA-only handbook for horror writers, and a second edition to the popular WRITING HORROR.

Kelly McCullough’s “Fimbuldinner” will be in issue #339 of Weird Tales.


John C. Wright sold a third novel in the Orphans of Chaos” series to David Hartwell at Tor.


Lyn McConchie's “A Token Of Our Esteem” appears in the latest issue (no.28) of the UK's Schererazade magazine.  She also sold a short 'true-life' story to the SPCA animal anthology, HEROIC ANIMALS ARE SMARTER THAN JACK, out in New Zealand later this year.

Lyn McConchie’s “To Dream, To Seek, To Find” is in the Australian anthology ROBOTS AND TIME (edited by Robert Stephenson) which will be out for Christmas.

Alison Baird’s "Walking with Wolves" will appear in the anthology MYTHSPRING edited by Julie E. Czerneda and Genevieve Kierans (Fitzhenry & Whiteside, publication pending).

An agency interview appears in the current (November) edition of SF Canada, an online genre magazine.

Lyn McConchie's humorous urban fantasy story, “Special Claims Section,“ appears in the November issue of Simulacrum Magazine.

John C. Wright’s ORPHANS OF CHAOS (Tor, November 2005) received a second glowing review in the November issue of Locus.

Sarah Monette's MELUSINE received a starred review in Booklist.


Lyn McConchie won second place in the fellowship of Australian Writers short story contest for “Sowing On The Mountain.”  The story is to be a part of THE CITY-SIDEWAYS, a novel currently in progress.

Andre Norton and Lyn McConchie’s SILVER MAY TARNISH was reviewed in the October 10th issue of Publishers Weekly.

Bill Gagliani’s “Carried on the Wind” appears in the new anthology WICKED KARNIVAL HALLOWEEN HORROR (

Lyn McConchie sold SF/disaster novel VESTIGES OF FLAMES to USA small press COYOTE MOON for 2006 publication.

John C. Wright’s ORPHANS OF CHAOS (Tor, November 2005) was reviewed in the October issue of Locus.

Bill Gagliani’s "Lead Me Into Temptation," a piece on horror as literary element and an in-depth interview appear in the print edition of WICKED KARNIVAL #3 (Revamped) available at


John C. Wright’s ORPHANS OF CHAOS received a very nice review in the September 19th issue of Publishers Weekly.

Kelly McCullough turned in WEBMAGE to Anne Sowards at Ace.

Alison Baird's THE WYRD OF WILLOWMERE (third title in her Willowmere Chronicles) has been released by Penguin of Canada.

Sarah Monette turned in VIRTU, sequel to MELUSINE, to Anne Sowards at Ace.

Moira Moore turned in the as-yet-untitled sequel to RESENTING THE HERO to Anne Sowards at Ace.


Janrae Frank’s BLOOD PALADIN, the fifth book in the Dark Brothers series is currently #3 on Fictionwise's dark fantasy bestseller list.  At Wildside's ebook list, her titles are numbers 1-5 and 7 on their dark fantasy bestsellers list. 

JULY 2005

Sharman Horwood sold a "The Longest Hair" to HAUNTED ENCOUNTERS: LIVING IN A HAUNTED HOUSE (scheduled for a fall 2005 release).

David D. Levine has the following recent short fiction sales:  "Tk'tk'tk" - Asimov's (March 2005); Spanish translation: Asimov Ciencia Ficción (July/August 2005); "A Book is a Journey" - Tales of the Unanticipated (forthcoming August 2005); "The Curse of Beazoel" - All Hell Breaking Loose, ed. Martin H. Greenberg (forthcoming October 2005); "The Last McDougal's" - Asimov's (forthcoming January 2006); "The Ecology of Faerie" - Realms of Fantasy (forthcoming)

Lyn McConchie's photo-illustrated travel article entitled “A Baa In My Baggage” appeared July 5th in HAWKES BAY TODAY (New Zealand newspaper).  The article covered her stay in Los Angeles and includes an interview Lyn herself.

David D. Levine is now represented by the agency.

Chico Kidd contributed a story for the anthology POE’S PROGENY, edited by Gary Fry (Gray Friar Press).  The book was recently reviewed by Peter Tennant from THE THIRD ALTERNATIVE and he had this to say about Chico’s tale…   Chico Kidd’s “Unfinished Business” is another excursion into the world of her character Captain Da Silva, a man who could easily give Indiana Jones a run for his money, the end product a hugely entertaining confection of werewolves, rat demons and ancient science, rich in atmosphere and with a certain timeless quality that is symptomatic of all the best adventure yarns.

Lyn McConchie sold another of her true-life ghost tales to the Haunted Encounters anthology series from Atriad Press. Her story, “Into That Good Night” will appear in HAUNTED WORKPLACE.

Sarah Monette's MELUSINE received a STARRED review in the July 11th issue of Publishers Weekly "Set in the wondrous city of Melusine, Monette's extraordinary first fantasy novel focuses on two captivating characters from two very different worlds: Felix Harrowgate, a powerful magician at the court of Lord Steven Teverius, and Mildmay the Fox, a cat burglar who has been trained as an assassin. When Felix falls prey to the unscrupulous machinations of a man who's plotting to destroy Melusine, he's left nearly mad, unable to clear his name or explain his actions. Mildmay, on the other hand, undertakes a simple burglary, thinking it will lead to a bit of extra flash that will keep him going for more than a few days. Instead, the burglary opens the way to a series of unfortunate events that force Felix and Mildmay into a partnership neither of them could have anticipated or desired. Jacqueline Carey provides a blurb, but those readers expecting a knock-off of that author's Kushiel series will be happily surprised. Monette resembles Carey only insofar as she, too, is a highly original writer with her own unique voice." 

John C. Wright’s THE LAST GUARDIAN OF EVERNESS appeared on the list of best fantasy novels of the year for the Locus poll as reported in the July issue.

Naomi Kritzer’s FREEDON’S APPRENTICE is reviewed n the July issue of Locus.

An interview with LYN MCCONCHIE is to be posted on the Expressions website for July 1st. Joy Smith completed the planned interview on Lyn's return from America and England  The website may be found at

JUNE 2005

Kelly McCullough sold WEB MAGE and an untitled sequel to Anne Sowards at Ace/Berkley.

Ilona and Andrew Gordon sold THE LOST DOG and an untitled sequel to Anne Sowards at Ace/Berkley.

Sharman Horwood sold three short pieces to three new Smarter than Jack volumes: Cats are Smarter than Jack, Dogs are Smarter than Jack, and Animals are Smarter than Jack. All three anthologies are due out in September, 2005.

Lyn McConchie's trip to America over May is paying off for her. Just accepted for a July appearance is a photo-illustrated travel article entitled “Sheep Thrills and Cheap Trips” which will appear in the province-wide HAWKES BAY TODAY Newspaper.

Bill Gagliani sold reprint rights for WOLF’S TRAP to Don D’Auria at Leisure Books.

MAY 2005

Bill Gagliani sold mass market rights for WOLF'S TRAP (Yard Dog Press) to Don D'Auria at Leisure Books.

Naomi Kritzer’s FREEDOM’S APPRENTICE received a wonderful review in the May/June issue of Affaire de Coeur.

APRIL 2005

Janrae Frank's BLOOD RITES, Volume I of The Dark Brothers of the Light (Renaissance Ebooks) is still holding at the number one slot on Fictionwise Dark Fantasy best-seller list.

Sarah Monette’s "Elegy for a Demon Lover" will be appearing in the August issue of Tales of the Unanticipated.

Naomi Kriter's FREEDOM'S APPRENTICE  received a glowing review in Publishers Weekly.

MARCH 2005

Andre Norton's final solo novel, THREE HANDS FOR SCORPIO, received a very nice review in the March 21st issue of Publishers Weekly.

Lyn McConchie was awarded New Zealand's Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best SF/F Book of the previous year for BEAST MASTER'S CIRCUS, her collaboration with Andre Norton.

E. Rose Sabin’s WHEN THE BEAST RAVENS was reviewed in the Philadelphia Inquirer.  Katie Haegele titled the review, "Harry Potter wouldn't last at this school of magic."

The Jack Ritchie estate sold online rights for "The Invaders" to McDougal Littell, who had earlier bought hardcopy reprint rights.

A video version of Betty Ren Wright's THE DOLLHOUSE MURDERS has won the following awards: A Gold Apple from the National Educational Film and Video Festival; Third Place from the United States International Film and Video Festival; Best of Category from the Birmingham International Educational Film and Video Festival; a Bronze Plaque from the Columbia International Film and Video Festival; and a Certificate of Merit from the Chicago International Film Festival.

Janrae Frank sold Dark Brothers of the Light trilogy (BLOOD RITES, BLOOD HERESY and BLOODY SUNRISE) to Rennaisance Ebooks.

John Wright's THE LAST GUARDIAN OF EVERNESS is reviewed in the March issue of Locus.

E. Rose Sabin’s SCHOOL FOR SORCERY is used as a text for graduate students at the University of Manchester in the UK.

Bill Gagliani is featured in the Author Spotlight in issue #3 of Wicked Karnival.

Jack Byrne participated in the Agents and Editors portion of the weeklong Novels-In-Progress workshop in Louisville, Kentucky.


Andre Norton, the first female GrandMaster of science fiction and a literal legend in the business, passed away on March 17th. 



John Wright's THE LAST GUARDIAN OF EVERNESS appears on the 2004 Recommended Reading List for Fantasy in the February issue of Locus.

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) has created a new literary award to recognize outstanding science fiction and fantasy novels that are written for the young adult market. The award has been named in honor of Andre Norton, a SFWA Grand Master and author of more than 100 novels, including the acclaimed Witch World series, many of them for young adult readers. Ms. Norton's work has influenced generations of young people, creating new fans of the fantasy and science fiction genres and setting the standard for excellence in fantasy writing.

BEAST MASTER'S CIRCUS, by Andre Norton and Lyn McConchie, has been nominated in New Zealand for The Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best SF/F book of 2004. Lyn and Andre won this award in 2003 for their previous collaboration in the series (BEAST MASTER’S ARK).  Results are announced at the National Convention at Easter.


Andrew and Ilona Gordon are now represented by the agency.

Andre Norton has been designing and hand-making jewelry for some time and now is opening the Andre Norton Fantasy Collections store on E-Bay.

Lyn McConchie’s "Special Claims Section" will appear in the March 2005 issue of Rogue Worlds.

Naomi Kritzer sold German rights for FREEDOM’S GATE to Verlagsgruppe Random House GMBH.

A Dutch edition of E. Rose Sabin’s A SCHOOL FOR SORCERY (Tor/Starscape) has been released.

The agency has established a working relationship with the Tuttle-Mori Agency and will be using them as a sub-agent in Japan.

Andre Norton and Lyn McConchie's THE DUKE'S BALLAD will hit bookstore shelves this month.

Sasha Miller has moved to Texas.


Lyn McConchie's short story “To Dream, To Seek, To Find” has been accepted for ALTERNATIVE TIME, the new Australian Anthology edited by Robert Stevenson.

Alison Baird turned in THE WYRD OF WILLOWMERE (Willowmere Chronicles #3, Penguin) and THE ARCHONS OF THE STARS (The Dragon Throne #3, Warner).


Congratulations to Jo Walton.  TOOTH AND CLAW (Tor) won the 2004 WORLD FANTASY AWARD FOR BEST  NOVEL.


Lyn McConchie sold a true-life ghost tale to Atriad Press's Haunted Encounters series – DEPARTED FRIENDS AND 
Sharman Horwood sold her short piece, “The Afghan,” to Atriad Press for their Haunted Encounter series. This story 
is to be included in their HAUNTED ENCOUNTERS: DEPARTED FAMILY AND FRIENDS collection, due out 
early in 2005.
Lyn McConchie's latest Witch World book, THE DUKE'S BALLAD (TOR, January 2005 hardcover)  has been accepted 
as a full selection of The Science Fiction Book Club.


Lyn McConchie’s  short story “Children of the City” appears in the September issue of the ezine SIMILCRUM.  Her humorous tale “Panda-Monium” appears in the September-October issue of Australia's BLUES COUNTRY.

Recent sales for Gerard Houarner include "The Pain Killer," in City Slab 4, "Ash Man" in Flesh and Blood 15 and "Signal to Noise" in Cemetery Dance 49, all available in Borders or Barnes and Nobles bookstores.  "No We Love No One" was published in the anthology THE DAMNED, and "The Three Strangers" in THE LAST PENTACLE OF THE SUN: WRITINGS IN SUPPORT OF THE WEST MEMPHIS THREE.  "The Wound of Her Making" was reprinted in the French anthology MYTHOPHAGES from Editions Oxymore.   Look for stories upcoming in Surreal Magazine, Underworlds, Inhuman Magazine, and the anthologies LOST ON THE DARKSIDE and MIDNIGHT PREMIERE.  An interview of Gerard is up at


Bill Gagliani sold the short-short stories "Stand By Your Zombie," "Of a Feather," and "The Great Belzoni and the Monster of Goa" to SMALL BITES, an anthology about "things that eat people," to benefit the Charles Grant Medical Fund, edited by Garrett Peck and Keith Gouveai. The book will debut at Dragon*Con in early September.

Chico Kidd sold another short Da Silva tale, 'Unfinished Business' to editor Gary Fry for an anthology to be called POE'S PROGENY: An Anthology of Contemporary Stories Inspired by Classic Dark Fiction. It is scheduled for publication early next year.

Andre Norton and Lyn McConchie sold BEAST MASTER'S QUEST to James Frenkel at Tor.

Jo Walton sold FARTHING to Patrick Nielsen Hayden at Tor.

Moira Moore sold first novel RESENTING THE HERO and a sequel to Anne Sowards at Ace.

Jo Walton's TOOTH AND CLAW has been nominated for this year's WORLD FANTASY AWARD

Andre Norton and Lyn McConchie sold Russian language rights for BEAST MASTER'S ARK and BEAST MASTER'S CIRCUS to Eksmo publishers.

Andre Norton sold Russian language rights for NO NIGHT WITHOUT STARS, WHEEL OF STARS, FLIGHT IN YIKTOR, DARE TO GO A-HUNTING, MARK OF THE CAT and YEAR OF THE RAT to Eksmo Publishers.

Betty Ren Wright sold a YA mystery/adventure to Regina Griffin at Holiday House.

John C. Wright's THE LAST GUARDIAN OF EVERNESS (Tor) was favorably reviewed in this month's issue of Locus

Naomi Kriter's FREEDOM'S GATE (Bantam) received a glowing review in the current Locus

JULY 2004

Canadian writer Moira Moore is now represented by the agency.

Chico Kidd's VISIONS & VOYAGES received a wonderful review in All Hallows.  "...Kidd's prolific output, breadth of imagination, and story-telling skills still seem to have no bounds."

Lyn McConchie's humorous SF story, “THE BOY WHO STUFFED CHOOKS,” appeared in ROGUE WORLDS

Sharman Horwood sold "The Truth About Elk" to an anthology in the Canadian edition of the "Smarter than Jack" series, anthologies that have previously come out in New Zealand and Australia. Profits from the books in this series go to support SPCAs in each of the host countries. The first Canadian edition will be launched in October, 2004

JUNE 2004

Nick Pollotta's THAT DARN SQUID GOD (written with James Clay) received the following glowing response from the Midwest Book Review:  "Set in Victorian England in the year 1881, That Darn Squid God is a hilarious parody of the otherworldly mythos of H. P. Lovecraft, strewn with delightful trappings of mystery and magic. Two British explorers must race against time before a prehistoric squid god rises again to destroy the world, which would after all be a ghastly inconvenience. Tongue-and-cheek humor and a fresh and fast-paced narrative style set apart That Darn Squid God as a fantastically funny end-of-the-world ride." 

Sharman Horwood sold "A One-Horse Tale" to an Australian anthology titled HORSE DREAMS: THE MEANING OF HORSES IN WOMEN'S LIVES

Naomi Kritzer's FREEDON'S GATE (Bantam) was reviewed in the June 28th issue of Publishers Weekly

Sarah Monette sold "Straw," to Strange Horizons and "Drowning Palmer" to All Hallows

Jane Routley's web site is now

Lyn McConchie's humor tale, “SPECIAL CLAIMS” sold to American magazine, ROGUE WORLDS

MAY 2004

Lyn McConchie's true-life story, THE HORSE GUARD was accepted in HORSE DREAMS, the 
Australian anthology appearing late this year from Australia's Spinifex Press


APRIL 2004

Lyn McConchie's ghost story, "PORTRAIT OF A TIGGER," was accepted for the anthology HAUNTED ENCOUNTERS, published by Ariad Press America

MARCH 2004

Bill Gagliani’s WOLF’S TRAP is a nominee for the Bram Stoker Award in the category of Superior Achievement 
in a First Novel!

Sarah Monette sold "Straw" to Strange Horizons and is tentatively scheduled for mid-September publication.

Alison Baird's STONE OF THE STARS is reviewed at

released as a tradepaperback from Wildside Press.  It includes seven stories, five of them reprints from 
the 70s and two originals.  In her introduction, Jessica Amanda Salmonson favorably compares their intergender 
qualities to that of Varley and Le Guin.

E. Rose Sabin’s HIS PERILOUS POWER was reviewed in the Feb. 15th issue of Booklist:  "This dramatic story, the prequel to Sabin's A SCHOOL FOR SORCERY (2002), with its young magician will inevitably invite comparisons to J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series.  And like Rowling's titles, this wholly satisfying fantasy features memorable characters, compelling story lines, and plenty of climactic scenes that will draw both an adult and youth readership."

Additional reviews and an interview with E. Rose Sabin can be found at


Lyn McConchie's mystery tale, “YOU KNOW BEST, DARLING,”  appeared in American magazine SHRED OF EVIDENCE

Sarah Monette sold "Wait for Me" to Naked Snake Online

Nick Pollotta’s THAT DARN SQUID GOD (Wildside Press) received a positive review at

H. Courreges LeBlanc’s novelette "Amends" (Imaginings) is included in Locus’ recommended reading list for 2003.

Janrae Frank’s collection, IN THE DARKNESS, HUNTING (Wildside Press), is now available for online 
pre-orders at Shocklines.  Jessica Amanda Salmonson wrote the introduction.
The second and third titles in John C. Wright’s THE GOLDEN AGE series, THE PHOENIX EXULTANT 
and THE GOLDEN TRANSCENDENCE (Tor) are both listed in the Locus 2003 recommended reading list 
for science fiction novels.
Sarah Monette’s "The Wall of Clouds" (Alchemy 1) received a very nice review by Nick Gevers in the February 
issue of Locus.


Lyn McConchie's magic realism, and fantasy stories “THE LAST TIGER” and “TIGER DREAMING” appeared in the on-line magazine, SONG OF THE SIREN

Jo Walton's TOOTH AND CLAW (Tor) received a glowing review in the January 2004 issue of Locus. 

BEAST MASTER'S CIRCUS, by Andre Norton and Lyn McConchie, was reviewed in the January 5th issue of Publishers Weekly.  Tor will release the book on February 28th.

Alison Baird's THE STONE OF THE STARS, first title in the Dragon Throne series, received a starred review in the January 5th issue of Publishers Weekly.  The book is scheduled for a February 1st release by Warner Aspect.


Bill Gagliani’s WOLF’S  TRAP was reviewed on the CNN website:


The agency has sold a live dramatic rights option for several Jack Ritchie short stories

to independent producer Bob Canning, who plans to create an anthology play


Sarah Monette sold STRANGE LABYRINTHS and an untitled sequel to Anne Sowards

at Ace Books.


Bill Gagliani’s WOLF’S TRAP was reviewed by Don D'Ammassa, in the December issue

of Chronicle:  "I have generally been disappointed with the werewolf as subject for horror

fiction. There have been a few exceptions but for the most part werewolf novels seem

content to follow pretty much the same pattern every time. William Gagliani varies it

sufficiently here to have held my interest in his suspenseful story that mixes serial murder

with werewolves. The action also alternates between the wilderness and the less reputable

parts of a big city, which is another kind of wilderness. He does a good job of making us

care about his protagonist, and the twist -- which I won't tell you about -- is clever enough

to keep you guessing until the end. Another small press title worth chasing down." 


Gene DeWeese sold mass market rights for MURDER IN THE BLOOD to Feroze Mohammad at Worldwide Mystery.


Rich Horton reviewed Harry LeBlanc’s “Amends” (IMAGININGS published by Pocket Books) in the October issue of Locus... "I'd already marked H. Courreges LeBlanc as a writer to watch, and 'Amends' certainly rewards my watching... one of the best stories of the year, I think."

Chico Kidd wrote the introduction for a new edition of William Hope Hodgson's THE GHOST PIRATES, recently released by Ash-Tree Books.


John Wright sold ORPHANS OF CHAOS to David Hartwell at Tor.

William B. Gagliani is now represented by the agency.  His first novel, WOLF'S TRAP, is scheduled for an October 2003 release by Yard Dog Press.  His story "The Serpent Said" will be included in the anthology "The Black Spiral: Twisted Tales of Terror" (edited by Richard Weber) to be released in October 2003 by Cyber-Pulp as a trade paperback and e-book, and with a signed, limited edition to come in early 2004.

Sarah Monette’s "Three Letters from the Queen of Elfland" won the Gaylactic Spectrum Award for Short Fiction.  Sarah has also established her web site at

Nick Pollotta’s THAT DARN SQUID GOD (October 2003., Wildside Press) received a positive review from Analog: "Rewrites literary history, remodels London worse than the Blitz, and convinces that it is wise never to deny the supremacy of British womanhood! What more can you ask?"

John Wright’s THE PHOENIX EXULTANT (Tor), sequel to the acclaimed THE GOLDEN AGE, received a glowing review in the September 2003 issue of Chronicle.

Gene DeWeese is now represented by the agency.  He was recently interviewed by Jon Jordan for the BooksnBytes website; you can read it at Gene will also be the featured author for October at the ACWL website.


Sarah Monette sold "Sidhe Tigers" to Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet and her "Three Letters from the Queen of Elfland" received an Honorable Mention in THE YEAR’S BEST FANTASY AND HORROR XVI (Tor).

E. Rose Sabin’s SCHOOL FOR SORCERY (Tor/Starscape) will be released in paperback on 8/1/03.

Nick Pollotta was interviewed on Dragon Radio on August 2. This SF show is broadcast over the Internet at

JULY 2003

Sarah Monette’s "Three Letters from the Queen of Elfland" is a finalist for the Gaylactic Spectrum Award for Short Fiction.

JUNE 2003

Working as sub-agent for Australian literary agent Lyn Trantor, the agency sold two fantasy trilogies by Jennifer Fallon to Tor.

The Mel Ellis estate sold reprint right to "All Ghosts Aren't White" to Ducks Unlimited Publishing.

MAY 2003

Todd Robinson is now represented by the agency.

APRIL 2003

The agency has moved!  While email and telephone/fax remain the same, the mailing address has changed to...

Sternig & Byrne Literary Agency

2370 S. 107th Street, Apt 4

Milwaukee, WI 53227-2036

The Sir Julius Vogel award for Best SF/F Novel of 2002, was awarded to Lyn McConchie for BEAST MASTER'S ARK (written in collaboration with Andre Norton). The award itself was produced by Weta Workshop, the same people who did SFX for LOTR).

Janrae Frank has established new web sites at and

Nick Pollotta is now represented by the Sternig & Byrne Literary Agency.

Kelly McCullough sold "FimbulDinner" and "Dying Season" to George Scithers at Weird Tales.

The agency participated in an online roundtable discussion in the April edition of  Agents of Imagination
They can make - or break - a writer's career, and every serious author needs to have one. The most powerful agents in the SFF business speak out about the genre publishing world in this roundtable. This panel includes Andrew Zack, Lucienne Diver, Shawna McCarthy, Donald Maass, Joshua Bilmes, Jack Byrne, Eleanor Wood and Nanci McCloskey."

Sarah Monette’s "Three Letters from the Queen of Elfland" (originally published in Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet 11; November 2002) will be reprinted in SO FEY, an anthology of queer faery stories being published by Lethe Press in 2005.

MARCH 2003

Sarah Monette’s "The Green-Glass Paperweight" has been accepted for Tales of the Unanticipated #25 (summer 2004).


Kelly McCullough sold "WebMage" for use in the anthology, DNA HELIX. The story is comprised of roughly the first two chapters of WEBMAGE, a novel currently under editorial consideration.

Sarah Monette sold "Letter from a Teddy Bear on Veterans' Day" to Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet.

The first novels of two agency clients, Naomi Kritzer and John C. Wright, are listed in the Top Ten First Novels for 2002 in the latest issue of Locus.  They were both also mentioned by several of the magazine's reviewers in individual Best of 2002 articles.

Sarah Monette's  "Three Letters from the Queen of Elfland" (Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet no. 11) received a thumbs-up from Locus short fiction reviewer Nick Gevers.  He lists it as one of his recommended stories.


Gerard Houarner's THE ROAD TO HELL, a sequel to THE BEAST THAT WAS MAX, has been released as a mass market title by Leisure Books.

Chico Kidd is now represented by the agency.

Alison Baird sold two untitled sequels to THE WITCHES OF WILLOWMERE to Penguin Canada.

Andre Norton and Pauline Griffin have sold Russian language rights to REDLINE THE STARS.

ATLANTIS ENDGAME, by Andre Norton and Sherwood Smith, has been released as a Tor hardcover.

Jo Walton is now represented by the agency.


Kelly McCullough's poem The Mourning After the Night of the Living Dead, is in the current issue of Weird Tales (#329).

ELVENBORN, by Andre Norton and Mercedes Lackey, has been released in hardcover by Tor.

Sarah Monette's short story, "Three Letters from the Queen of Elfland," will appear in Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet in November 2002.

JULY 2002
Speaking of E. Rose Sabin's SCHOOL FOR SORCERY (Tor-Starscape, September 2002). author Joan Aiken writes: "This is a most enjoyable book. Tria, the heroine of A School for Sorcery, is faced with an outsized tussle -- her elegant, spiteful roommate has a habit of turning into a black panther at times of stress, a hostile male student summons fearsome entities known as Dire Women, and the whole sorcery course looks as if it will come to a cataclysmic end, until Tria manages to call on unexpected reserves of power. This is an elegant, complicated story, at times running into parallel action to perplex the pursuing reader. E. Rose Sabin is a writer to look out for." 


JUNE 2002
Betty Ren Wright's THE DOLLHOUSE MURDERS has been optioned by Zide/Perry Literary Properties.

Sarah Monette's "Bringing Helena Back" has been accepted for publication by All Hallows: The Journal of the Ghost Story Society.

Andre Norton sold Russian language rights for SCENT OF MAGIC to Eksmo Publishers, LLC.

Betty Ren Wright delivered supernatural thriller CRANDALL'S CASTLE to Holiday House

Naomi Kritzer sold "In the Witch's Garden" to Realms of Fantasy (publication pending) and "Comrade Grandmother" to Strange Horizons (fall publication).

John C. Wright's THE GOLDEN AGE received another fine review in the June, 2002 issue of Locus.

Andre Norton and Lyn McConchie's BEAST MASTER'S ARK, a new title in the Beast Master series, was released in hardcover by Tor.