Chris Todd is a native Texan residing in Austin, the epicenter of all that is Good and Right, where he makes things up and sometimes gets paid for it. He's written for comics ("Seraphim") and computer games ("Deus Ex," "Freelancer"), while his novel of contemporary fantasy, "I Buy My Time Second-Hand," is currently under editorial consideration. When not writing he consumes large numbers of graphic novels and hunts down obscure foreign films of often dubious reputation. It's a fairly safe bet that he's one of the few people on the planet who count both the uncut version of "Versus" and the Criterion edition of "Bob Le Flambeur" as being among his most prized possessions. He can be easily identified in the wild by his blue hair and the Pisces tattoo on his right hand.

All of the previous could have been made up. But it's not. Really.

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