The first edition of The High House. A Bob Eggleton cover, seen best when laid flat. Bob told me the movie, Dark City, influenced his style on this one. Currently out-of-print, it can be found used at quite reasonable prices. To read a sample chapter, go here.
The first edition of The False House, also by Bob Eggleton, also currently out-of-print. To read a sample chapter, go here.

My short story, The Battle of York, appears in The Year's Best SF 10, edited by
David G. Hartwell. The paperback is available through any major book store.

My short story, The First Editions, is now available in The Year's Best Fantasy 9 anthology edited by David G. Hartwell, published by Tor Books. I'm really pleased to be involved in this particular book, because it is the first Print on Demand book offered by the company, a sign of the changing times and the growth of electronic publishing. Unfortunately, this also means that it won't be available in book stores, only on-line. Amazon has it, should you decide to buy it, please go directly to www.tor.com  If the book proves profitable, more such offerings will be available in the future. The $16 cover price may be daunting to some, but be aware it is a thick volume, and is in a larger 8 and 1/2 inch by 5 and 1/2 inch size.

I wrote an essay for an anthology devoted to editor and writer Lin Carter.  Unfortunately, the book, Lin Carter, Apostle of Letters, is now out of print.

Some time ago I began a labor of love, attempting to rewrite William Hope Hodgson's fantasy masterpiece, The Night Land, converting its rather difficult language into a more readable text. An early draft of Chapter Two of my rewrite was published in the anthology: Night Lands: Eternal Love, edited by Andy Robertson, under the title "The
Testament of Andros."

Here are some covers from foreign editions of my novels. As you can see, with the German edition, the publishers often use existing artwork, and none of the scenes dipicted are actually in my books. In fact, these illustrations have adorned the covers of American editions of other writer's work. Michael Wheelan's is the artist on the Russian edition.

The Spanish edition, which came out a couple of years ago, does feature original art based on The High House,  with a splendid illustration by Alejandro Teran.

Jesse Ruiz
If you would like to hear a MP3 of my reading a short portion of The High House, with original music, click here. Courtesy of The Green Man Review.
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