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WHAT'S NEW (as of October 15, 2012)

My brand new novella, Saint Nicole, is now available at Sam's Dot publishing. In the blurb I describe it as "The Lord of the Rings" meets "T'was the Night Before Christmas" by way of "24." Check it out via the link above!

"Ship," a dark fantasy, is out in the May 2012 issue of "Cover of Darkness" from Sam's Dot Publishing (the same magazine that published my Cthulhu story "The Horror in Celluloid") and "Emissaries from Venus" is in an issue of Bruce Bethke's Stupefying Stories. More information on this as it becomes available.

My first major sale to SCIFI.COM back in 2002, On Bookstores, Burners, and Origami, is now available from Podcastle. This is my first podcast, and I didn't even submit it. It was suggested to Podcastle by a fan. :-)

My story "The Train" is now available at Greatest Uncommon Denominator Magazine, in print or PDF form. Check it out!

Aftergame is now published in the e-zine Aberrant Dreams.

Non-spam e-mail is welcome at milesmordax[at]aol[dot]com

I've also created a game, Tile Chess, that you can purchase from Steve Jackson Games.

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