Links to Other Writers

Hilary Moon Murphy, who was recently published in "New Voices in Science Fiction," edited by Mike Resnick.

Theodora Goss, a classmate of mine from Clarion 2001, an immensely talented writer whose story "The Rose in Twelve Petals" was included in the Sixteenth Annual "Year's Best Fantasy and Horror" (and most deservedly so).

Karina Sumner Smith, another classmate from Clarion 2001

Genevieve Kierans, another Clarionite.

Philip Brewer, yet another Clarionite.

S. N. Arly, a local writer, and occasional playtester of my games.

Katya Reimann, another local writer, author of the Tielmaran Chronicles.

Dana M. Baird, yet another local writer, who was good enough to name me in the acknowledgment page of her book, Veil of Whispers.

Science Fiction Writers Meetup Group, a informal circle of friends that gather every month or so to talk shop about writing, commiserate about their rejection slips, and celebrate their acceptances.