Covers of Some of the Places My Work Has Appeared

   Airships & Automatons   Australian Dark Fantasy and Horror    Aurealis    Black Box    Crimewave    Dreams and Nightmares    Dark Wisdom 9
   Underworlds  Dark Wisdom 10    Challenging Destiny    Electric Velocipede 4    Electric Velocipede 5    Electric Velocipede 11    Horrors Beyond II  
  You Did What?Interzone 189     Interzone 199    Lambshead    Land Space    Les Portes    loggorhea
   Future Cops Nova SF 31    Octoberland     On Spec    Powers of Detection    Polyphony 5    Revisions  
 The Third Alternative  Best New Vampire Tales  Devil Dolls and Duplicates   Paper Crow   Paper Crow  Altair1   Altair 3
  Altair 4  Antipodes  Borderlands 6   Borderlands 11   Escape Pod   Dead Red Heart   Galaxies
  Intracities   Irregular Quarterly  Quietus   9  Transtories Stupefying Stories
Musa  Damnation and Dames  SFTerra