"HMS Justinian" -- Spring 1901
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Starting Positions: Fall 1900
Starting Positions (short upright block=Army, long horizontal block=Fleet)

Austria-Hungary: F tri-ALB / A vie-BUD / A bud-SER
England: A liv-YOR / F lon-NTH / F edi-NWG
France: F bre-MID / A par-BUR / A MAR S A par-bur
Germany: F kie-DEN / A ber-KIE / A mun-RUH
Italy: A ven-PIE / A rom-APU / F nap-ION
Russia: A war-UKR / A mos-STP / F (SEV-bla) / F stp(s)-BOT
Turkey: A con-BUL / A SMY H / F (ANK-bla)

Retreats: none

Position after Spring 1901 Moves
Position after Spring 1901 Moves


Geneva (DP): Swiss Foreign Minister, Jacques Alfonso Bergenmüeller, after working tirelessly these past few months to bring the Great Powers of Europe together for disarmament talks, has declared his efforts a failure. "I'm afraid that all of the representatives at the talks have been recalled by their respective governments, and I do not believe it is for receiving further negotiating instructions. Reports have reached me through my office that indicate there has been mass mobilizations of troops all across the continent. I have even heard rumors that the standing forces of the Great Powers are already on the move. I will make one more effort to maintain the peace, but I fear that it will be too late once blood has been spilled on the battlefield." Minister Bergenmüeller did not answer questions from the press, which only heightens the sense of unease of the citizens of this last bastion of peaceful life in the middle of the unending turmoil that is Europe.