"HMS Justinian"
SFF-Net Diplomacy Game #1

Welcome to the GM's Home Page of our Diplomacy game, titled "HMS Justinian" (Horatio Hornblower's first commission as a midshipman). If you're unfamiliar with the game of Diplomacy, we have a tutorial page that should familiarize you with about 90% of the concepts behind the game so that you can enjoy the procedings as an observer. There is also a more flavored site for this game created by one of the players, Christina Opalecky at http://www.sff.net/people/Christina/SFF-Dip/. Since I'm the GM for this game, I use this site primarily to get the game reports to the players as quickly as possible, so it's usually just going to consist of the moves by the players, the adjudication, and the maps to show the positions of the units. There is also a newsgroup on the SFF-Net server for Diplomacy, which will have copies of these game reports, as well as discussion about this game, and about Diplomacy in general at: news://news.sff.net/sff.discuss.wargames-diplomacy (which can also be accessed via web browser through http://webnews.sff.net/).

Our Players:

GameMaster: Jim Bailey (jbailey@sff.net)

Austria-Hungary: Christina Opalecky (christina@sff.net)
England: Damian Sinclair (damian@sff.net)
France: Jason Mayfield (Open-F03); Douglas Triggs (doubt@berserker.lensflare.com)
Germany: Marjorie Fergusson (marjorie@sff.net)
Italy: Steve Eley (sfeley@sff.net)
Russia: Lawrence Watt-Evans (lawrence@clark.net)
Turkey: Dick (Max) Craven (max@sff.net)

Alternate: Judy Roberson-Steele (ladykatt@sff.net)

The Game:

1901: Spring -- Fall

1902: Spring -- Fall

1903: Spring -- Fall

1904: Spring -- Fall

1905: Spring -- Fall

1906: Spring -- Fall