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Updated July 28, 1997

1997 Publications (Short Fiction)


Absolute Magnitude // Adventures of Sword & Sorcery // Analog Science Fiction and Fact // Asimov's Science Fiction // Infinite Edge // Interzone // The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction // Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine // Odyssey // Omni Online // Pirate Writings // Realms of Fantasy // Science Fiction Age // Space & Time // Talebones // Terra Incognita // Tomorrow Speculative Fiction // Worlds of Fantasy & Horror


1997 Author Index

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Absolute Magnitude Science Fiction Adventures -- ed. Warren Lapine (subscription / submission)

Adventures of Sword & Sorcery -- ed. Randy Dannenfelser (subscription / submission)

Analog Science Fiction and Fact -- ed. Stanley Schmidt (subscription / submission)

Asimov's Science Fiction -- ed. Gardner Dozois (subscription / submission)

Infinite Edge -- senior ed. Mike Totty (submission)

Interzone -- ed. David Pringle (subscription / submission)

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction -- ed. Gordon Van Gelder (subscription / submission)

Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine -- ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley (subscription / submission)

Odyssey -- ed. Liz Holliday (subscription / submission)

Omni Online -- fiction ed. Ellen Datlow (submission)

Pirate Writings -- ed. Edward J. McFadden (subscription / submission)

Realms of Fantasy -- ed. Shawna McCarthy (subscription / submission)

Science Fiction Age -- ed. Scott Edelman (subscription / submission)

Space & Time -- ed. Gordon Linzner (subscription / submission)

Talebones -- ed. Patrick & Honna Swenson (subscription / submission)

Terra Incognita -- ed. Jan Berrien Berends (subscription / submission)

Tomorrow Speculative Fiction -- ed. Algis Budrys (subscription / submission)

Worlds of Fantasy & Horror -- ed. George Scithers (subscription / submission)

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Borealis/White Wolf

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