John C. Bunnell


The Journals of Juliet McKenna

The two ebooks below -- my publisher calls them "novel bytes", because they're both shorter works (and therefore quick reads) -- feature Juliet McKenna, successful stage actress and Sidhe-in-exile. As Juliet puts it, "mortal children sometimes run away and join the circus; in this case, a certain Sidhe chose to run away and join Actors' Equity."

Charmed, I'm Sure
Uncial Press
Charmed, I'm Sure (cover)

Juliet first appeared as a major secondary character in a young-adult fantasy novel I wrote some years back (it's presently on the back burner pending a rewrite). Charmed, I'm Sure arose when the writers' group through which I'd been running chapters of that novel issued a challenge to write Thanksgiving stories; I immediately thought about how Juliet might fare at a mortal Thanksgiving feast, and the story more or less plotted itself from there. Its length made it difficult to market in print form -- though I got a couple of very complimentary rejections -- but e-publishing is more flexible about such things, and I was very pleased when the opportunity arose to release it in its present form.

Phantom of the Operetta
Uncial Press
cover art - Phantom 

While I wasn't a theater major in college, I was the campus paper's drama critic, had a number of very good friends who were theater majors, and did in fact take an acting class at one point. All those experiences are reflected in Phantom of the Operetta, although I should note that despite the Walla Walla jokes, the unnamed college where this story takes place is not, in fact, my alma mater.

I have notes for a number of other stories featuring Juliet, and hope to complete and release more of her adventures in the not-too-distant future.