John C. Bunnell

On Writing

Many writers specialize, building whole careers out of writing about gardening or astronomy or ping pong or knitting. In a sense, I'm one of these, because most of my published work involves speculative fiction (a useful term for covering science fiction and fantasy under the same umbrella).

At the same time, I'm also a generalist. I write (and publish) fiction, so far mostly of the short variety -- though be assured that I'll mention the novels here when they eventually sell. I'm also a longtime book reviewer, with extensive magazine and newspaper credits -- mostly but not entirely in the SF field. Both of these categories are covered in more detail on their own pages. I've written magazine articles profiling various SF/F television and media properties, though it's been awhile since the most recent of those was published. (One of the most enjoyable of these was a season-preview article on Star Trek: Voyager for which I was able to interview Ethan "Neelix" Phillips and Jeri Taylor, then the show's executive producer.) Purely for amusement (so far, anyway), I write "filk" lyrics, a sampling of which are assembled here.

Like most freelance writers, I've also done my share of odd, offbeat, and unusual projects. These have included editing newsletters for local community groups, ghost-writing speeches (no, I can't tell you who they were for), designing and publishing the memory book for a 50th high school class reunion (not mine), and editing a series of historical reports regarding possible names for new public schools.