John's Boskone 40 Photos - Page 2
July 12-14, 2002
Boskone 40 Trip Report

Darrell Schweitzer, Bruce Coville, Jeffrey A. Carver -- I goofed in this shot. I had asked them to hold up some books they were pushing, but I aimed too high. Oops.

Hal Clement (aka Dr. Harry Stubbs)

Tor's Patrick Neilson Hayden

Neb-nominee Allen Steele

Boskone 40 Dealers Room

Donna Drapeau and Becky Chace of the Rhode Island Science Fiction Club

Sal D'Amico and Michael Lopes of the Rhode Island Science Fiction Club

Marianne Plumridge and Bob Eggleton

Mike Lopes of RISFC again.

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