J.D. Teehan - Cover Art

J.D. Teehan - Cover Art

I've worked for a Rhode Island printing company as a layout artist and typesetter for several years. Prior to that I've worked on a number of local freelance projects and have since taken to focusing my design work on book covers. The following are a few samples covers. I'll add a few more over the next few weeks and rotate them about as well. If you would like to be notified when this page has been updated, please send a mail indicating so to jdteehan@sff.net.

The images below were creating using colors within the CMYK gamut. All images below are in an RGB 72dpi JPEG preview format. The final images are available at 300dpi as CMYK TIF files. Clicking on an image takes you to a page displaying the full-sized 5.5 x 8.5 inch preview format.

[Blue Beyond]
Blue Beyond
The Greenering
[Red Sand Steps]
Red Sand Steps
[Callisto Daylight Glass]
Callisto Daylight Glass
[Callisto Sandstorm Glass]
Callisto Sandstorm Glass
[Handling a Wall]
Blue Pointe
[Handling a Wall]
Handling a Wall
[Barred Mindset]
Barred Mindset
[Saturn Looming]
Saturn Looming
[Saturn Looming]
Ring City
[The Sky In My Mind]
The Sky In My Mind

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