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Sleight of Hand Download Page!

Sleight of Hand, the first issue, saw 2,220 unique hits registering here. That's a pretty darn good number of fanzine readers! Now that Issue 2 is finally finished, that number should jump up even more. You can download both screen-resolution and printer-resolution PDF files of Issue 2 from this site. (Issue 1 is still available, but only in screen-resolution.)

To obtain a paper copy, just write me with your mailing address and ask. Sending me a fanzine in return or a couple of bucks to help defray my postage expenses would be appreciated. Or consider sending in some of the usual such as an article or piece of fanart for issue 3.

I apologize to folks who asked for copies, but haven't yet received any. Many records were lost due to the Great Laptop Tragedy and the Great Computer Theft of 2002. If you requested a paper copy of Issue 1 and never received a copy, please let me know and I'll send both Issues 1 and 2. (Have pity on my poor postage budget, though. If you haven't already requested a copy, and don't need paper, please consider downloading the PDF version and printing out your own copy. Thanks!

Download Sleight of Hand #2 (screen resolution PDF - 1,360K)

Download Sleight of Hand #2 (desktop printer resolution PDF - 3,163K)

Download Sleight of Hand #1 (screen resolution PDF - 736K)

Contributors to Issue #2:Terry Carr, Ted White, Chris Pierson, Dave Locke
LoCs by: Arthur Hlavaty, Ben Jones, Earl Kemp, Robert Lichtman, Dave Locke, Llyod Penney, Mike Resnick, Steve Silver, Ted White

Contributors to Issue #1: Anne KG Murphy, rich brown, Dave Langford, Mike Resnick, Christopher Pierson, Janis Ian
LoC entries:Joyce Katz, Ted White, Geri Sullivan

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