John Teehan - Professional Layout and Typesetting

John Teehan - Professional Layout and Typesetting

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About My Freelance Services

For the past year I've been taking on freelance typesetting and layout projects. Most of the work I do features book and magazine layouts, but with eight years experience in commercial printing, I also do brochures, catalogs, advertising, bookmarks, CD and DVD covers, stationery, and order forms. Due to my experience, I know many inside tips and tricks to commercial printing so that photos, both grayscale and color, come out to their maximum potential for the printing process.

I understand what your printer needs and expects and can help provide that--thereby reducing both time and cost wasted in last-minute fixes at your printers.

My rates are competitive with others providing similar services, but the quality of my work is professional. What's better is that I provide quick turnaround for your projects.

Some of my Work

I've done a monthly medical magazine for the Rhode Island Medical Society for six years and a quarterly journal for catboat enthusiasts for seven.

Recently I've done the typesetting and layout for BearManor Media, a dynamic small publisher in New York. Completed and available for order are It's That Time Again: The New Stories of Old-Time Radio", Filet of Sohl, The Classic Scripts and Stories of Jerry Sohl, and Have You Seen The Wind? by William F. Nolan. Upcoming will be Edward Dmytryk's Hollywood's Golden Age and Scenes for Actors and Voices by Daws Butler.

The Mechanics

I set on both Mac and Windows systems using Adobe Pagemaker or Quark Xpress. Photos are processed through Adobe Photoshop and I can also edit images using Adobe Illustrator and Macromedia Freehand. Prior to the final completion of the project, I usually send proofs in PDF format for Adobe Acrobat Reader (available for free from Adobe.

I can also provide paper proofs of your work upon request and will mail and track them through Priority Mail. When the project is ready for the printer, I can send the files and printer workorder directly to your printer, or send you the complete package along with a prepress report explaining all the contents. In any case, by the end of the project you will be mailed all the files relevant to your project on CD along with a complete paper proof.

Contact Me

The quickest way to conact me is via email at After initial contact, we can then continue to communicate via the internet or by phone. Or if you live in the northern Rhode Island area, I'd be happy to meet with you in person!

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