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Fan History Exhibit

From the Fan History exhibit, various paraphanalia used in past worldcon bids.

The infamous full-page newspaper ad bought by Robert Heinlein,
"Who Are The Heirs Of Patrick Henry? Stand Up And Be Counted!"

First in a series of shots featuring Hugos of the past. I don't recall which
is which by sight, but the second from the left, I believe, is from Chicon 2000

Ah... someday.

Lot of 'em... aren't there?

I'm fairly confident that the leftmost one is from a Toronto worldcon.

Well, let's just move right along, shall we?

Neat, ain't they?

I _think_ that the second from the right is from a Magicon and is made partially from a launch pad from NASA.

I think that's the Rat Hugo in the center. Note the photo below.
A quick glance reveals Isaac Asimov and Lester Del Rey.

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