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59th World Science Fiction Convention: 2001
John's MilPhil 2001 Report Page

Just People (Fans and Pros in no particular order) part 1

Myself, Nick DiChario, Linda Dunn, Mike Resnick

Donna Drapeau, me, Nick DiChario, Linda Dunn, Mike Resnick

Barry Malzberg and Mike Resnick

Hal Clement

Connie Willis, affectionately also known as
The Female Person From Colorado

George R. R. Martin and Gardner Dozois getting a little silly.
Last day of the con, can you blame them?

GRRMartin fans sporting the Stark banner, "Winter is coming"

Names? Two very nice Boston fans

Mike Sheffield (Blood Drive chairman for ConJose 2002) and his lady
companion Sharon Morgan both sporting an impressive array of buttons.
Button-dom seemed to be a popular way of expressing fandom.

Go ahead, push my buttons!

Science Fiction Chronicle's Andy Porter on the _other_ side of the camera for a change and
Dave Kyle of the Big Heart Award. I'm afraid I don't recognize the fellow on the right.

Asimov's autograph table with Mike Resnick and Walter Jon Williams (obscured).

People (Fans and Pros) part 2
People (Fans and Pros) part 3
People (Fans and Pros) part 4
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Resnick Listserve Party part 1
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John's MilPhil 2001 Report Page
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