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Just People (Fans and Pros in no particular order) part 2

Rob Sawyer and poet wife, Carolyn Clink.

Fan GoH and former Asimov's editor, George Scithers.

Visiting fan and body art specialist. Can't recall her name.

Pro Artist GoH Stephen Youll.

So is fandom hereditary or is it a learned behavior?

Eleanor Wood, agent extraordinaire.

Gordon Van Gelder

Phyllis Eisenstein

Umm.. guess who. Go ahead, give it a shot. I"ll wait.

Personal heroes of mine. Phil Foglio is my all-time favorite illustrator/artist,
and his wife, Kaja, has only made him better. Very nice folks, too.

Gardner Dozois of Asimov's. Always smiling.

Steve Salaba was selling a great selection of Bujold-related merchandise.
He's sporting a pretty nifty Barrayaran ImpSec uniform from the Vorkosiverse.

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