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59th World Science Fiction Convention: 2001
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Just People (Fans and Pros in no particular order) part 3

John Bettancourt of Wildside Press

Guy selling party masks in the Hucksters' Room.

George R. R. Martin making an appearance at the Brotherhood of the Banner party.

Josh Cruciotti, _not_ Harlan Ellison.

Ken, a SCAdian and harpist extraordinaire.

Charlie Brown and the Locus staff.

Fred Pohl and Elizabeth Anne Hull (reading a short story by Fred in Alternate Skiffy).

Scott Pendergrast of A very nice guy and breaking some serious new ground in publishing.

Susan Sizemore (left) and a rep (name?) from Speculations Press

Ron 'Tyger' Karren, author of WING COMMANDER.

Walter Jon Williams

Rapmaster Toast Esther Friesner being followed by her "personal demon".

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John's MilPhil 2001 Report Page
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