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59th World Science Fiction Convention: 2001
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Rediscovered Authors: Eric Frank Russell, Fredric Brown, Henry Kuttner, & Others panel.
Steve Miller, Peter Heck, Rick Katze, Jack Chalker and Mike Resnick.

How to Enjoy Your First Convention with Gay Haldeman and Rusty Havelin.

Lillian Stewart Carl and Lois McMaster Bujold at the Dialogue on Life, the Universe and Writing panel.

Same again, but wait a minute! The microphones have changed hands! Well, that sort of thing happens.

Worldbuilding with Gregory Benford, Yoji Kondo, and Hal Clement.

The crew at Tor publishing. That's Patrick Nielsen Hayden in the middle there with the beard.
Sorry I didn't get everyone else's name.

At the Bujold SIG gathering, Lois McMaster Bujold and Lillian Stewart Carl.

Lois and a representative (Steve Salaba/Stephan Vorsalaba) from Emporer Gregor's
court in the background.

Barry Malzberg and Mike Resnick doing a live version of their
famous SFWA Bulletin Dialogues column.

Ellen Datlow, Scott Edelman, and Warren Lapine at the
SF Magazines: In Transformation, On Life-Support, or Just Fine, Thank You panel.

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John's MilPhil 2001 Report Page
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