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59th World Science Fiction Convention: 2001
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Readings and Worldcon Bids

Jack Chalker reading an alternate history short story.

Jeffrey Carver at his reading of ETERNITY'S END.

Fred Pohl at his reading of CHASING SCIENCE.

Fred Pohl talking with his fans just before beginning his reading.

Boston in 2004 bid table w/ Galactic Patrol mascots. (They won, by the way.)

The Japan in 2007 worldcon bid table. Very cool guys.

People (Fans and Pros) part 1
People (Fans and Pros) part 2
People (Fans and Pros) part 3
People (Fans and Pros) part 4
Fan and Worldcon History
Resnick Listserve Party part 1
Resnick Listserve Party part 2
Hugo Winners
Hall Costumes
Walking about (misc.)

John's MilPhil 2001 Report Page
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