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59th World Science Fiction Convention: 2001
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Resnick Listserve Party part 1

The Babes for Bwana
Back row: Adrienne Gormley, BJ Galler-Smith, Donna Drapeau, Robyn Harrington, Debbie Oakes
Front row: Janis Ian, Bwana, Carol Resnick, Mary Martin

Yes, Janis Ian. Yes, _that_ Janis Ian. Big time SF fan and newly decreed
Chorale Director for "Babes for Bwana".

Nick DiChario enjoying hismelf at the Resnick Listserve party. BJ Galler-Smith in the back,
and the back of Donna Drapeau's head.

Adrienne Gormley in profile, and Walter Jon Williams.

Gregory Benford

Donna Drapeau, Susan Schwartz, and Bwana

Carol Resnick, Debbie Oakes, and Mary Martin

Robyn Herrington (front), Donna Drapeau, Susan Schwartz, and Mike

Adrienne Gormley, Robyn Herrington (from the back), Janis Ian, Mary Martin (sitting) and Guy Lillian

BJ Galler-Smith and Mike Resnick (veiled)

RI Science Fiction Club and Resnick Listserve member, Donna Drapeau

Gordie Meyer of Obscura Press, publisher of, among other things, several
of Bwana's books. Also our host for the Listserve party.

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