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Resnick Listserve Party part 2 (Bwana's Harem)

First in a series of photos of these beauties who livened up the Resnick Listserve party.

I had a very good seat right next to the guest of honor. Note all the folks coming in
from the halls following the sound of music and cheering.

Now I'm not sure which is which, but one of these is a lawyer from Texas.
Another is a university faculty member.

It's good to be the king!

And he knows it!

If they broke the con's weapons ban policy, no one was about to say so.

Bwana and the newest members of Babes for Bwana
(Harem Division and Chorale Director, Janis Ian).

Oops! Another bellydancer photo. Guess which one of these dancers was my favorite?
I make no apologies. I had a _very_ good seat and took advantage of it.

Bwana enjoyed hismelf immensely, but you can tell he's trying to figure out how
to make a quick buck out of this. Actually, he did in the end by hiring
the dancers to come to his signings and help advertise.

Another shot of Bwana surrounded by adoring females. Some guys have all the luck.

The centers of attention. This one Julie Mandela, the lawyer and also a Compuserve IMP.
Apparently they attend a lot of cons, and always as bellydancers.

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