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Sleight of Hand Info - Updated 08.25.03

Sleight of Hand #2 is finished! At long last! Download it here and share the joy!

It's a pretty good issue, if I say so myself, with articles by Terry Carr, Ted White, Dave Locke, and Chris Pierson. I do my Ten-Second Reviews as well as some additional shameless promos. We have six pages of LoCs and some great feedback.

Thank you for all your patience in waiting for this second issue, and here's to hoping that issue #3 won't take nearly so long. I'm packing up for Torcon with issues in hand, and hope to hustle for contributions so I can get issue #3 out before next year. If anyone has anything to contribute--don't be shy! If you contributed something that got lost due to the Great Computer Tragedies of 2002, please try again.

Those folks who have sent in a couple of bucks or a fanzine in exchange for a copy of SOH#1 but did not receive anything should contact me again so I can send issues #1 and #2 in my next round of mailing. For folks who don't need deadtree versions, I urge you to be kind to my miniscule postage budget and download either the screen-resolution or printer-resolution versions here. Thanks!

CALL FOR FAN ARTISTSOne thing I am woefully short on is fan art. If you're interested in contributing artwork to SoH, drop me a line at

Sleight of Hand Issue #1 is still available as a screen-resolution PDF filehere.


I'm looking for articles from folks that have been involved in fandom for many years as well as those who are relatively new to fandom--even if you've never heard of fanzine fandom. Articles can be new or reprints and should be of appeal to fans of all ages, but with a realization that many readers of Sleight of Hand don't know who some of the BNFs are, or even what BNF stands for. Here are some possible topics: I'm also including a section for flash articles called "From the Files of St. Akicif" (All knowledge is contained in fandom). Contributions for this section should be short--under 700 words (but if you're on a roll, who am I to stop you? *g*).

And of course fan art would be greatly appreciated. New or old--any kind. Right now I'm just thinking of illos to drop into the fanzine, but if there is a fan artist out there interested in doing some article headers, that'd be great! Just contact me.

If you've been involved in fandom for one year or seventy, Sleight of Hand is a place to bring it all together. Sometimes one hears talk about the fragmentation of fandom. There are thousands of fans who have been involved in fandom for decades, and many more thousands who don't even realize that there is a lot of history behind fandom.

Contributions can be e-mailed to me at (art submissions should be around 300 dpi, if it's not, I'll make do) or snail-mailed at John Teehan, 499 Douglas Ave., Providence, RI 02908.

If you would like to be put onto the mailing list to receive Sleight of Hand #1, please let me know.

The Usual

For folks who don't know yet (and it took me a while to find this out at first), "the usual" means sending a contribution of an article or fan art, a LoC (letter of comment, although as this is the first issue, consider sending a flash article), a copy of your own fanzine or something similar, or even a nicely-worded requested. Fannish usual also sometimes includes a couple of bucks for postage. This will be a big help when it comes time to send overseas. For explanations on terms such as "the usual" and "Loc", check out the FANAC Fannish Reference Works.

A Few Fannish Links (more to be added) - Links to loads of fanzines available to read online or to download
The Fanac Fan History Project
FanBasic 101 - Bill Bowers' fannish fans resource site
Fancyclopedia II by Dick Eney
Kansas City Science Fiction and Fantasy Society - great photo archive!
Cincinatti Fan Group - Active since 1935 and run a great suite at worldcons
Rhode Island Science Fiction ClubActive fan group here in Rhode Island. Good people.

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