An open letter to my readers:

On March 6, the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary edition of Psion will be published by Tor Books. Many of you have asked when there will be another novel about Cat; for the past few years the only answer you've gotten has been, "maybe in a few years." Well, I still don't know exactly when I'll finish writing that next Cat novel, but I do have good news: I'm working actively on Ladysmith, a novel set in the Bronze Age of Western Europe. This is good news because since March 2, 2002, I had not been able to write fiction at all until very recently. Last November I began to write again. And while it goes slowly, and it is not physically easy-- I still suffer from minor but debilitating brain damage from the car crash that occurred on that terrible day nearly five years ago, as well as from Fibromyalgia- I am incredibly grateful to be writing again.

I am also most grateful for the emails you've sent, thanking me for the books I've written. Reading the emails has been very encouraging, even while I felt terribly frustrated because I wasn't able to write. Now that I'm writing again, it is not so heart-breaking to get those emails. It still makes me really happy to know I'm being thought of, and that my other books are still reaching people. They all make me determined to keep writing, finish Ladysmith and its sequel, and write another Cat novel, for which I have been mulling over ideas for some time.

In the meanwhile, I hope those of you who have been waiting to get hold of Psion over the past few years will go out and buy a copy as soon as you can when it goes on sale. Tor Books, my publisher, has been very patient while I've been unable to produce a new book. I would like to show them that they made a good investment when they bought my books, by having my books sell as well as possible.

The new edition includes, besides the novel itself, a novella about Cat, "Psiren," which hasn't been available for more than twenty years, plus a new introduction I wrote for this Twenty-Fifth Anniversary edition. It's hard to believe it's been so long since it was first published. I must have been a child prodigy. <g>

I thank you all for your patience and continued support. I hope you all enjoy it.

Joan D. Vinge

P.S. I just got my first copies of the new Psion edition, and apparently there was a small error made on some copies at the bindery. A few copies have the pages of a completely different book by another author from what would be from p. 257 to p. 288. Apparently, Murphy's Law rules! If you buy a copy of Psion with this problem, please return it to the bookseller from whom you bought it and they should exchange it at no cost to you.