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The boss writes a lot of articles for employers on how to comply with occupational safety and health regulations, and how to keep workers safe but its important to tell these things to workers, too.  So the boss has started writing articles for workers, to answer questions she hears a lot, and to address safety issues she notices in a lot of workplaces.  Check out these eHow guides on staying safe at work!


How to Complain to OSHA about a Workplace Hazard


As an occupational health and safety professional, one of the most common questions I'm asked is "How can I get OSHA to take care of a hazard at my workplace/my husband's workplace/my son's workplace?" It's actually fairly easy to complain, either to federal or state OSHA programs, and the agencies do typically respond to complaints about "serious" hazards (hazards that could cause serious bodily harm, disease, or death). Here's what you do.


How to Care for Your PPE


You're counting on your safety gear -- whether that means your shoes, your hardhat, your gloves, your respirator, your ear plugs or your safety glasses. But the effectiveness of your personal protective equipment can be affected by the way you care for it. Use these tips to take proper care of your PPE, and also recognize when to replace it.



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