Jennifer Busick

Speculative Fiction Bibliography

"The Thief." In Thou Shalt Not (2006).  This story received an honorable mention in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, 2007.


Do stories really matter?

"In a Future Sky."  In Would That It Were (Winter, 2004)

Philip is a true believer.  But what will Geoffrey do?

"Protector of the Realm." In Dragons, Knights, and Angels (March, 2004).

Can a kingdom lost through inattention be restored?

"Hierarchy of Need." In Beyond the Last Star.

All he needed was his bath. But she needed so much more than that.

"La Desterrada." In Black Gate Issue 5 (Spring, 2003).  This story got a mention in The Year's Best Science Fiction for 2004.

Can two exiles find their way home?

"The Greatest Triumph." In Dragons, Knights and Angels (September, 2002).

Is justice a blessing. . .or a curse?

"Hedges." In Dragons, Knights, and Angels (March, 2002).

Marilyn would have to leave her hedge behind if she wanted to help her foster-son.

"Unicorn Visions." In Weird Tales (Spring 2001).

Leslie never could tell a frog from a toad. So when the unicorn turned up in her living room, is it any wonder she didn't see it for what it really was?

"The Chilly Sea Serpent." In Spellbound (Winter Issue, 2000).

Puck thought running away to sea would solve all his problems. He didn't realize he'd end up having to solve his own, and everyone else's.

"Perfect Gift." In Neverworlds # 4.

The old woman said her giftwrap would always contain the perfect gift. But who can tell what that might be?


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