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Check out my novel, a mystery thriller with a touch of science fiction and set on a university campus. You can find it quickly at Amazon.com. The book came out in May 2013.

Terror stalks the campus of a Minnesota university, where two professors working on classified military research have been brutally murdered.

Student Karen Butler fears for her life after her adviser is killed, realizing she's the only one left with detailed knowledge of a new nerve gas defense system plus a terrible nanotech weapon. Karen and her boyfriend, Jack Nelson, a member of the elite military group Eagle Squad, play a dangerous game with an enemy who claims the secrets belong to them.

As the pressure mounts, the pair are terrorized by an implacable foe that means to kill them, once it has what it wants.

New York Times bestselling author Steve Perry says: "Murder and mayhem and assorted skullduggery skulk through Glass's latest novel, EAGLE SQUAD, and he lays it out with his usual entertaining style and offhand expertise. Jack Nelson and Karen Butler find themselves in the middle of something they don't understand, though as it becomes more clear to them, they realize just how dangerous their lives have become. A first-rate thriller from Jim Glass!"



Check out my novel BRANEGATE! Scheduled release is in September, 2012, but as of August 25 it's already available at www.fairwoodpress.com and www.amazon.com.


Here is a review of the book, as it appeared in Publishers Weekly:

"Glass (Sedona Conspiracy) sketches a universe in which the Lyraens, a religious sect following the 50-year-old teachings of Leonid Zylak, have begun to spread across the inhabited worlds, already engaging in schisms between the different branches. On Gan, the tyrannical Emperor Khalid Osman sees the Lyraens as subversive zealots. From a very early age, Trae Nowok grows up knowing he is different from the other young Lyraens, After he learns that he is Zylak's reincarnated son, Trae and his bodyguard, Petyr, are guided through a series of dreams and mysterious contacts to find the branegate, which allows access to other universes, and bring it to Gan to finnish Zylak's work. Trae's life and quest has a messianic feel, from his reincarnation to his role in saving the universe, while the novel as a whole tends toward a mixture of predestination and deus ex machina plotting."

(ISBN 978-1-933846-33-0)



Check out my double anthology TOUCHES OF WONDER AND TERROR/VOYAGES IN MIND AND SPACE, just out from Wildside Press.


Here are stories to disturb your sleep and daydreams: Two alien tourists have fun with earthlings; a warrior tests her metal in first combat; a space traveler is seduced by cosmic music; a deranged woman plots to murder her own grandson; a horror movie critic pays the ultimate price for criticism; and still more stories of mystery, science fiction and fantasy.


Also available in Kindle at www.amazon.com and www.wildsidepress.com.



The reprint of my Baen book "Empress of Light" has fnally come out fromwww.e-reads.com, joining the reprints of the first and third books (Shanji, and The Creators) in the trilogy. Details are listed at www.amazon.com, available in trade paperback or kindle. Contact me for special rates on boxed sets.

My new novel "Sedona Conspiracy" is now out from Wildside Press, and details are given at www.wildsidepress.com and www.amazon.com. NSA spook Eric Price is called in to investigate sabotage at a secret military base near Sedona, Arizona and finds himself in the middle of murderous intrigue over a mysterious aircraft being reverse-engineered there. Deception is everywhere: the aircraft itself, a CIA colleague, a mesmerizing woman, and apparent friends who have provided the aircraft for unknown reasons of their own. All are not what they first seem to be. This is a novel about military and other-world intrigue in a setting of new age culture and beauty.

Steve Perry: "Jim Glass knows how to tell a story. His latest novel, Sedona Conspiracy, is a thriller that grabs you from the start and keeps you turning the pages. Another first-rate tale, and an e-ticket ride."

M.J. Engh: "Sedona Conspiracy blends a sympathetic understanding of New Age culture with the murderous intrigue of a spy thriller, all within a framework of solid science fiction. Whichever your interests, this is a good read."

C.J. Cherryh: "A master writer with an authentic background in space science, a storyteller who gets his details right. Recommended."

Check out my stories in three new anthologies which include some of the biggest names in the genres of fantasy and science fiction. Also see my new story in Digital Science Fiction Anthology 3, "Pressure Suite", now available on kindle.


 Check out my stories in two new anthologies which include some of the biggest names in the genres of fantasy and science fiction:

The Best of Talebones Like Water for Quarks

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Imaginings of a Dark Mind

     Here is my second collection of stories, most previously published in magazines, but a few new ones too. My WOTF Grand Prize winning story “Georgi” is also included, as I celebrate twenty years of published writing.

“The pieces range from stories rooted in theoretical physics to stories bordering on the spiritual. What they have in common is a sweeping view of reality, an innate humanity, an incisive perceptiveness, and Dr. Glass’s distinctive story-telling voice… This is good stuff. I commend it to you.”
--- John Dalmas

Wildside Press.

ISBN: 1434450007 and

     Rubion Federation ship H.M.S. Belsus visits a three hundred year old colony planet and discovers a society near revolution against the rule of a "transfigured being" known as Toth. Commander Michael Queal's crew and ship are immediately under threat by Toth and his followers, and a host of strange bioengineered creatures unique to the planet.It seems that only a banished people on a remote island can aid Queal in his fight to bring freedom to the colony and allow him to survive the wrath of a monstrous, unbalenced dictator. But help can often come from unexpected directions.


Fairwood Press
ISBN: 978-0-9789078-7-7
July, 2008

The Viper of Portello

     In war the men who served under him called him Culebra, the Viper.
     Soldier, strategist and military assassin, Eduardo Cabral harbors two souls, one dark and deadly, the other loving and creative. After a war ending in betrayal by those in power on a colony world and a man he has spent a lifetime trying to please,  Eduardo flees to a peaceful, artistic life on another planet. But the corrupt war and its aftermath will not go away. There is revolution on his home world, and Culebra must return to help save a people crushed by cruel tyrants and those responsible for the betrayal and slaughter of Eduardo’s command in the war.
is Culebra who must decide between innocent and guilty, those who might live or die by his hand, while he searches for a love he has never
had, and a world where Eduardo Cabral can peacefully pursue his art.

Cover for Visions.

Wildside Press
January 2008


The time: the 1840s. The place: California during the gold rush.

As the white settlers begin penetrating the remote mountain canyons, they discover an ancient race, the Tenanken, who date back at least sixty thousand years. Some members retain the genetic memories of their distant past, while others project mystical visions of comfort and joy. All flee the coming of the white man, and appear to be doomed to extinction.

Only the genius Pegre finds a possible solution: integrate and intermarry with their distant white "cousins," the Hinchai, and form a new entity. He's aided by the girl Baela, whose emerging mental powers only appear every hundred generations -- and opposed by the cruel Tenanken warrior, Hidaig, who supports traditional values, and is willing to kill anyone who opposes him.

Can the ancient and modern be merged and preserved? Or will the special genetic heritage of the Tenanken be lost forever?

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Shanji, by James C. GlassShanji, by James C. Glass


Kati thought she was Tumatsin, but her real father was Moshuguang, a Searcher, one of those working to bring down the feudal empire on Shanji and establish a progressive society. Answering to Mandughai, the emerald-eyed empress of a neighboring star system, the Moshuguang seek to create the Mei-lai-gong, the empress of light, a super-being who travels in the gong-shi-jie, the place of light from which the universe first came into being. The Mei-lai-gong will be ruler of Shanji, transfering mass and light energy at infinite speed for good -- or evil. Kati has a talent never seen before. When her mother is killed, the Moshuguang rescue her to be raised in the emperor's palace and trained by them. But Mandughai has also seen Kati. She takes over her training, and the girl's powers soon exceed even Her own. Kati must be Empress, bringing reform and unity to Shanji, but first a war must be fought, a war between Kati and her beloved Mandughai, and now the girl has the power to destroy a star. Only the love and compassion within Kati can prevent total destruction in the final confrontation to establish her rule.

Excerpt from Shanji

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Cover for Matrix Dreams, by James C. Glass

Fairwood Press
May 5, 2004
ISBN: 09746573-1-X

Matrix Dreams

Now available: My first story collection!

"A writer of both the heart and the mind"

— Catherine Asaro

The title is Matrix Dreams, and Other Stories, twenty one of them published in magazines such as Analog, AboriginalTalebones, a mix of science fiction, fantasy, and some nasty, dark fantasy covering the past ten years. It's being done by Fairwood Press. and

Cover for The Creators

Print edition:
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Electronic edition:

The Creators

"This, the culminating book of the stunning SF trilogy that began with Shanji and Empress of Light, takes to its conclusion the tale of three generations of Creators....

Read Chapter 1

James C. Glass [8Kb]


Jim read and wrote science fiction as a kid and published a fanzine while in high school, but then came college, a degree in physics and starting a family while working on ion and arc-jet engines at Rocketdyne.

Graduate school followed, and a thirty five year career as a professor of physics, department head and dean at North Dakota State University and Eastern Washington University. The writing during this time was seventy five technical papers on his research in molecular biophysics and superconductivity. But the fiction writing bug bit hard again when Jim was well into his forties. His first published story was in Aboriginal S.F. and soon after he won the 1990 grand prize in the Writers of the Future Contest. He retired from his academic job in 1999 and now writes full time.

Cover for EMPRESS OF LIGHT -- Painting by R. Martin

Baen Books
ISBN: 0671319833
April 2001

When Your Enemies Become Your People...

Empress of Light

She had defeated the armies of Tengri-Nayon. Now she had to save Tengri-Nayon from a deadly plot, with only her children to help her. Of course, they were remarkable children...

Chapter 1

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The Creators, Chapter 1

Empress of Light, Chapter 1

Shanji, Prolog


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