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Lady and the TigerThe Lady and the Tiger - 2003

Dr. Shona Taylor has been hired by the denizens of the luxury planet Jardindor as their locum tenens, while their regular doctor is on leave. It seems like the ideal arrangement, having her children and animals with her, in a mansion in which every possible labor-saving device frees her to enjoy socializing with the Jardindorians. Then she begins to suspect that she was there not strictly for the sake of her medical skills, but for the coterie of animals in her care. As she learns more of the truth, she realizes her life, and the lives of numerous precious species, are in danger.

Ace Books ISBN 0-441-01148-9

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Myth-Taken Identity Myth-Taken IdentityMyth-Taken Identity, with Robert Asprin - September 2004

Someone has been incurring huge debts in Skeeve's name. To save his ex-partner's reputation, Aahz has resolved to find whoever is responsible and beat the living cr…er, persuade the being not to do it ever again. With Chumley and Massha, he tracks the impostor to The Mall on Flibber. With the help of a few old friends, the Mall's guard captain and a private investigator from Ratislava, Aahz discovers that The Mall has some secrets that even its builders didn't know about, as well as a thriving underground ring of shoplifters.

Ace Books ISBN 0-44101-182-9
Meisha Merlin Publishing ISBN 1-59222-030-4

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Myth AlliancesMyth Alliances, with Robert Asprin - September 2003

Skeeve is disturbed from his studies on Klah by a Wuhs named Wensley to come to the aid of his people. It seemed that the unworldly Wuhses had hired a group of ten female Pervects to get them out of debt, then had been unable to get rid of the Pervect Ten when they didn't want them on Wuh any longer. But the situation is not exactly as Wensley described it. Skeeve, assisted by Tananda, Bunny, Gleep and the noted Kobold author Zol Icty, need to find a solution that frees the Wuhses from their bondage, but also helped the Pervect Ten to achieve their own pervectly reasonable objective.

Ace Books ISBN 0-44101-182-9
Meisha Merlin Publishing ISBN 1-59222-008-8 (hc), ISBN 1-59222-009-6 (trade pb)

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Advanced MythologyAdvanced Mythology - August 2001

In Applied Mythology we learned how Keith Doyle met and befriended the Little People living in the sub-basement of his college's library. If you have been following Keith's adventures, then you know he has always wanted to learn what other types of creatures share this world we live on.

In Advanced Mythology he will get his chance to do so, if he can make it through a few small matters: Diane's hints about making their relationship more permanent, something that is bothering the Little People and their refusal to discuss it with him, and the choice to continue his education or drop out and take the job of his dreams.

Meisha Merlin ISBN 1-892065-46-0 (hc), 1-892065-47-9 (pb)

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Applied Mythology cover artApplied Mythology - August 2000

The Magic is Back! Good news to the readers who love Keith Doyle and the Little Folk! Their trio of adventures, Mythology 101, Mythology Abroad, and Higher Mythology, are returning! Meisha Merlin Publishing, a specialty house, has put them together in an omnibus edition, entitled Applied Mythology. The cover once again was painted by the one and only Don Maitz.

Applied Mythology is available in both a limited-edition hardcover for $40.00 and a trade-sized paperback for $20.00, either of which can be autographed and personalized on request. Because only one print run of hardcovers was made, if you are interested in having this volume, please write to Meisha Merlin, or visit the Meisha Merlin Publishing website to order online. You may order however many copies you want, but please realize that when the hardcovers are gone, they are gone. The trade paperback will be available indefinitely.

Read buttonMeisha Merlin ISBN 1-892065-21-5

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Mythology 101 Mythology Abroad Higher Mythology


License InvokedLicense Invoked, with Robert Asprin - March 2001

From the pages of the Hex-Files: (one of my better puns)

Someone or something unseen has been attacking Fionna Kenmare, lead singer for the Irish acid-folk rock band Green Fire. Now she's on tour in the United States, about to play the biggest concert of her career -- and she's in fear for her life, because that something has followed her across the ocean.

All that stands between her and an all-too-real magical death are two offbeat government agents:

Liz Mayfield, special agent for the British Government Office of Occult & Paranormal Sightings Investigation (or OOPSI). Little did she imagine when she was given her dream assignment that she'd face the most fearsome magical onslaught of her life. Or that she'd run into an old friend...

Beauray Boudreau, Liz's American counterpart from the FBI, where he's known as "Boo-Boo" Boudreau. And he doesn't have that nickname for nothing...

If this unlikely duo can't solve the mystery of Fionna's invisible attackers, the singer will have a lot more to worry about than MTV.

Baen ISBN 0-671-31978-7

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Grand Tour coverThe Grand Tour - Fall 2000

Tourists go where dreamers fear to tread...

Chuck Meadows is a Visitor from the Waking World, on an astral vision quest around the Dreamland. He has come on this arduous and dangerous journey to the Dreamland in hope of discovering the reason for the deep misery of his soul. With the aid of his spirit guide, Keir, the other members of the group, and the Dreamlanders he will meet along the way, he has to solve the puzzle before it literally tears him apart.

But not all Dreamlanders are eager to assist Chuck on his quest. There is an element lurking throughout the land that resents the Visitors and all they stand for. They hate the intrusion by Waking minds into their realm. They are furious that Visitors wield almost limitless influence while they have nothing. They intend to send a message back to the Waking World to leave them alone forever. The leader of the conspiracy is waiting only for the right moment to strike. He has a secret weapon that no one, Dreamlanders or Waking Worlders, can withstand. Chuck and his companions are unaware of the doom that awaits them - but they have unseen allies as well as enemies. Chuck must learn the truth about them and about himself before it is too late.

Baen ISBN 0-671-57883-9

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School of Light coverSchool of Light - June 1999

Juele is the youngest and most promising new student to enter the strange, new world of the School of Light. At this legendary institution, she will learn how to master illusion, the highest form of art in the Dreamland. Her talent has excited the interest of many of the senior students, the professors, but most important of all, the Idealists. They are the elite of the illusionists, a tightly knit group of talents who admit Juele to their mysterious circle in the Ivory Tower.

Her mentor, an Idealist named Rutaro, has embarked upon a project to surround the Castle of Dreams with an image of perfection, in which Juele will play a key role. But other students who are jealous of Juele's good fortune set out to pervert Rutaro's design. What they have in mind bears no resemblance to reality. The worst part is that no one, not Rutaro, nor the king, the ministers, or even Roan, the King's Investigator, seems to notice that the government of the Dreamland is plunging into deadly chaos. Juele is faced with having to find the reality within the fantasy with the only skill she has at hand – illusion.

Baen ISBN 0-671-57816-2

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Waking in DreamlandWaking in Dreamland - May 1998

Everything and everyone in the Dreamland changes. There's nothing unusual about talking to a man who changes into a giant rabbit, who changes into a talking table lamp, so long as form follows function. Everything changes, except Roan, the King's Investigator. In the ethereal realm, he is the one person who always looks the same, no matter what.

The Dreamland is created by the sleeping minds of the Waking World (the "real" world). Its structure is maintained by the Seven Sleepers, minds of exceptional creativity. When one of them is replaced, a cataclysm called Changeover occurs until the next Sleeper takes his or her place - or so the legend goes. Scientists in the capital city of the Dreamland want to confirm the legend, and see if the Seven exist at all. Moreover, they want to see what happens if all seven are awakened at once. Such an event could spell the end of all Dreams. Only Roan can prevent them - if he can catch them.

"A very good story, with unusual twists... Recommended." Norman Hartman, Norm's Notes Issue#19

Baen ISBN 0-671-87875-1

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Taylor's Ark Taylor's Ark
Dr. Shona Taylor is an environmental specialist living on Mars and expecting her first child, while her husband Gershom, a space-going merchant plies his trade aboard their ship, the Sibyl. She is awaiting their first child, but unknown forces have other plans for her. By Mars law, her pregnancy prevents her traveling offworld, but that's merely an inconvenience for the conspirators. Shona is a convenient pawn to take the blame in a plot to kill millions of innocent settlers on colony worlds all throughout known space - for profit. Shona and her team of animal experts, including the alien ottle, Chirwl, have to solve the mystery and lay the blame squarely where it belongs before more people die.

"Exciting...enjoyable space adventure...Taylor's Ark is fun and well-crafted, with a heroine you'll enjoy rooting for!" - Aboriginal SF

Ace Books (1993) 0-441-79974-4


Medicine Show cover Medicine Show (Taylor's Ark II)
Shona Taylor and her family, now increased by one with the birth of her son Alexander, are at last together aboard the Sibyl, fulfilling the dream she and her husband Gershom had of operating the Taylor Traveling Medicine Show and Trading Company.

But Chirwl, the ottle she has been hosting, needs to go home to his planet join his mates. Reluctantly, they accompany him there, to discover that the colony is suffering from a mysterious plague of aging. The human colonists who have established a study settlement there are as mystified as she is. The phenomenon could prove fatal to Shona as well as her alien friends.

"Downright cute...rousing adventure" - Locus

Ace Books (1994) 0-441-00085-1


The Ship Errant cover The Ship Errant (The Ship Who Won II)

Brainship Carialle and her brawn Keff are sent back to Ozran by the Central Worlds to help the froglike Cridi find their homeworld. Though they have been living in Stone-Age conditions, the Cridi's meticulous recordkeeping makes it possible to trace the way back, even after a thousand years.

While on spacestation JS-934, Carialle's mechanisms have been tampered with, so when she passes through a sector of space where she experiences a flashback to the disaster that nearly killed her many years before, it sends a probe back to her arch-nemesis, the Inspector General, who would dearly love to prove her insane, and ground her.

Not only that, but the Cridi have been kept grounded since the mission to Ozran by pirates, who have kept the race pinned on their own planet, hidden from the rest of civilized space. Keff and Carialle will defend their new friends, while seeking to clear Carialle's name by proving that she is not insane.

"Jody Lynn Nye... deserves to be hailed as a talented and entertaining author in her own right." Barnes & Noble Explorations

Baen (hc December 1996) ISBN 0-671-87754-2
Baen (pb December 1997) ISBN 0-671-87854-9


Don't Forget Your Spacesuit, Dear! cover Don't Forget Your Spacesuit, Dear; editor

My first anthology, containing humorous stories about mothers in science fiction, fantasy, myth and legend, by some of the finest writers in the field today. Each of the stories has as its title something that only your mother might say. "Don't Put That in Your Mouth, You Don't Know Where It's Been" by Diane Duane. "From Your Mouth to God's Ear," by Ellen Guon. "The Golden Years" by Anne McCaffrey. "Your Face Will Freeze Like That" by Morgan Llywelyn. My own story asks, "What's the Magic Word?" And, of course, "Don't Go Out In Holy Underwear," by Elizabeth Anne Scarborough. Intended to be accessible to the mothers who have been wondering all these years just exactly what it is you're reading, the book can also be enjoyed by even the most seasoned of SF fan.

"After all, where would all the space-going heroines and heroes be without dear old ma?" - Feminist Bookstore News

Baen (July 1996) ISBN 0-671-87732-1


Magic Touch cover The Magic Touch
Ray Crandall has just graduated from high school, and is at loose ends over a sticky, Chicago summer. He's been targeted by street gangs for forced membership or worse, if he refuses. His grandmother sends him to a meeting of her favorite charity, intending to get him involved with a safe peer group. He's not at all certain he wants to become a member of something called the Fairy Godmothers Union. The Union pairs him up with a senior fairy godmother, Rose Feinstein, who teaches him about magic and responsibility. Ray finds he has a talent for making wishes come true, and even enjoys the job. There are perks called brownie points one earns for granting a wish, little bits of magic for personal use.

The Fairy Godmothers Union is being targeted by a rival organization, the Demons, Djinni and Efreets Guild, headed by their Grand Master, Albert Froister. The Djinni want the store of brownie points commanded by the FGU, since the DDEG has a different charter. They've enlisted help, the very street gangs who have targeted Ray. He finds himself in the middle of a new kind of turf war, with magic and the children of Chicago as the prize.

"A sweet and charming tale" - Locus

"Nothing but a smile of delight laced with little squeaks of discovery." Jacqueline Lichtenberg, The Monthly Aspectarian "Jody Lynn Nye's irrepressible humor makes this story a of those ideas I wish I'd had." - Christopher Stasheff

Warner Books (June 1996) ISBN 0-446-60210-8


Mythology 101 cover Mythology 101
Keith Doyle is a student at Midwestern University. He fervently believes in magic and the Little People, and is always hoping to go over to Europe one day and discover their whereabouts. He's astonished and delighted to find that there is a colony of them, right here at Midwestern. Right there in the basement of the library. The same library he and the student council have been agitating to have torn down in favor of a larger, more modern facility. Keith must keep his friends' secret while reversing the damage he has done.

"A great sense of humor" - Piers Anthony

"A good, jolly read, made enjoyable by her realistic treatment of such legendary and Eldritch creatures as gremlins and IRS agents...a book for people who like their fantasy straight up, with fizz, but without cuteness" - Diane Duane "The Little People come across as very real...An exceptionally entertaining and unusual contemporary fantasy" - Locus

Warner Books (1990) ISBN 0-445-21021-4
Collected in Applied Mythology - Meisha Merlin Publishing ISBN 1-892065-21-5

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Mythology Abroad cover Mythology Abroad
More adventures for Keith and Holl, as they take an Educatours trip to Scotland, where they participate in archaeological digs all over the country, and, not incidentally, seek out other magical creatures along the way. They make friends with the other students on the tour, learning a little about one another's culture. Holl has another purpose for accompanying Keith: the Master, head of the colony of the Folk and father of his intended wife, Maura, won't let Holl marry her until he can bring back magic white bellflowers from their ancestral home in Ireland. Keith, who was going to Ireland to meet his own distant cousins, is delighted at the prospect of discovering more about his friend's history. The way is not easy, though, and Keith manages to get himself into trouble with his usual exuberance.

Warner Books (1991) ISBN 0-446-36119-4
Collected in Applied Mythology - Meisha Merlin Publishing ISBN 1-892065-21-5

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Higher Mythology cover Higher Mythology
Third in the series. Holl returns from Ireland and finally marries his Maura, and they settle down to keep house in a tiny cottage on the grounds of Hollow Tree Farm. A year later, Keith Doyle has obtained a college internship at an advertising firm in Chicago, but he returns to his friends as often as he can. His new interest in ballooning is only a means of safely investigating the possibility of magical creatures living in the upper atmosphere.

The Little Folk are not aware they are being spied on until Dola and Holl's infant daughter are kidnapped. Keith, his balloonist friend Frank, and the frantic Holl set out in search, hoping to be successful before Keith has to go back to Chicago to present his advertising campaigns.

Warner Books (1993) ISBN 0-446-60210-8
Collected in Applied Mythology - Meisha Merlin Publishing ISBN 1-892065-21-5

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Death of Sleep (British cover) The Death of Sleep (co-authored w/Anne McCaffrey)
Dr. Lunzie Mespil reluctantly takes a posting in space, leaving her small daughter behind on Mars for a short period. The ship she is aboard is attacked by space-going marauders, the notorious Planet Pirates, and Lunzie is forced to go into cold sleep. When she awakens, it is 62 years later, and her whole universe has changed. Her scientific knowledge is obsolete, but she is still a healer. Trying to cross space to find her daughter again, she falls into intrigue, love, and cold sleep two more times before she begins the greatest adventure of her life, on the Dinosaur Planet.

"An excellent can't miss!" TEMPS TOT No. 26

"An excellent and humanistic portrait of a society... Nye shows an affinity for McCaffrey's characters." Locus "Cheers for McCaffrey and Nye and their absolutely chilling novel." -- Visions

Baen (1990) ISBN 0-671-69884-2
Collected in The Planet Pirates - Baen ISBN 0-671-72187-9


Crisis on Doona cover Crisis on Doona (co-authored w/Anne McCaffrey)
Twenty-five years after the events in Decision at Doona, Todd Reeve has grown to manhood and holds a position of trust and honor in the Alien Relations Department for the colony on Doona. He and Hrriss are tricked into responding to a distress call in interdicted territory for the purpose of destroying their reputations. If they are found guilty, the penalty is exile from his beloved home. There is intrigue involving Earth government, who still believe that the colony should belong only to Humans, and complications, involving the son of the Reeves' oldest enemy, who comes to Doona to participate in the annual Snake Hunt.

"This book is too exciting to put down...gripping...compelling" - Kliatt

Ace Books (1992) ISBN 0-441-23194-2


Treaty at Doona cover Treaty at Doona (co-authored w/Anne McCaffrey)
Todd Reeve is in the midst of acrimonious negotiations over a new space port on Doonarrala when a giant spaceship, many times larger than anything from Earth, arrives in orbit. Its inhabitants are the Gringg, a huge, bearlike species who appear to be intelligent and gentle - but many of the humans won't trust them. Xenophobia is still strong in the Earth colonies. Overcoming the language barrier is only the first problem that faces Todd and his lifelong friend Hrriss. Introducing a third element between Hayuman and Hrruban will change the balance forever.

"A great space novel that only someone of the caliber of the writing team of McCaffrey and Nye could produce." - Affaire de Coeur "The interspecies interactions have a definite charm that fans of this series should appreciate" - Locus

"Quirky plotting and kinetic pacing are satisfying built upon" - Dillons Publishing News

Ace Books (1994) ISBN 0-441-00089-4


Ship Who Won cover The Ship Who Won (co-authored with Anne McCaffrey)
Serious space exploration can have its lighter moments too. Brainship Carialle and her brawn Keff amuse themselves with a complicated role-playing game to pass the long months in deep space. The team are very focused on their primary goal, though, to be the first to find another sentient species among the stars. They think they've found it, on the barren planet Ozran, where hairy, humanlike aliens with only four fingers on each hand are ruled by five-fingered Mages and Magesses, who are possessed of technology so sophisticated it looks like magic. But is this the only surprise Ozran has to offer?

Carialle and Keff are determined to free the furry-skinned slaves from their overbearing masters, and in so doing save the planet from destruction by the very technology that keeps the Mages in power.

"Oodles of fun!" - Locus

"Bright and bubbly entertainment" - Kirkus

"Fast,!" - Chicago Sun-Times

"Readers will find themselves riveted by the nonstop action...and by a relationship that's as beautiful as it is indestructible" - Affaire de Coeur "A brisk, well-told, often amusing tale" - Booklist

Baen Books
hc 1994 ISBN 0-671-87595-7
pb 1995 ISBN 0-671-87657-0


Dragonlover's Guide to Pern cover The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern
The Dragonlover's Guide gives readers devoted to Anne McCaffrey's series plenty of background information of their favorite world. It contains maps, customs, curse words, and even recipes for a few Pernese favorites, like bubbly pies and klah. There's a short story about the hatching of F'lessan's bronze dragon, Golanth. The section on Weyrling training was written by Anne's son Todd. The threadfall charts, available to the public for the first time, were provided by the Ista Weyr group. The DLG also features early data on Pern by the exploration team who discovered it. The book, recently updated, is complete up through the publication of the recent Master Harper of Pern. It is copiously and beautifully illustrated by Todd Cameron Hamilton and James Clouse.

"Beautifully done...this is a book to keep and cherish." - Norm's Notes,

Del Rey (1989) ISBN 0-345-35424-9
trade paper 1992 ISBN 0-345-37946-2
2nd ed. 1996 ISBN 0-345-41274-5


Visual Guide to Xanth cover Visual Guide to Xanth(co-authored w/Piers Anthony)
For all die-hard Xanth fans, an Aardvark to Zenith guide of people, places and things in the magical realm created by Piers Anthony. The book is copiously illustrated by Todd Cameron Hamilton and James Clouse, and littered with puns that will make you groan. It fills in background information on the races that inhabit Xanth, plus history and interesting trivia. It also features the missing first chapter from Piers's novel A Crewel Lye (A Caustic Yarn), months of the Xanthian year, and photos of Piers at home.

Avon (1989) ISBN 0-380-75749-4


Dragonharper cover Dragonharper
A Crossroads game book, set on the world of Pern, follows the adventures of Journeyman Robinton, age 15, on his way to his first official posting in Benden Hold. Depending upon the roll of the dice, Robinton will succeed or fail to reach his goal. Along the way, he'll encounter danger at sea, beautiful women, and the joyous pride of Pern, dragons!

TOR Books (1987) ISBN 0-812-56404-9


Encyclopedia of Xanth The Encyclopedia of Xanth
A Crossroads game book, set in the world of Xanth. Alister wants a favor from Good Magician Humfrey. The only way to obtain it is to perform a service for the crotchety old gnome. Humfrey wants the missing volumes of the Encyclopedia of Xanth, a magically complete gazetteer of the land - and he will only settle for the whole set. Alister must set out, risking the perils of Xanth, with only his wits, his magical talent, and his rock hound Marbles to help him.

TOR Books (1987) ISBN 0-812-56417-0


Dragonfire cover Dragonfire
A Crossroads game book, set on the world of Pern. Mirrim, the only female rider of a fighting dragon, green Path, never seems to know where she belongs. She is a special protege of Weyrwomen Lessa and Brekke, and she is trusted by Masterharper Robinton, until she is falsely accused of stealing an artifact from the dig at Landing. Path is injured in the next Threadfall. Someone IS stealing from the Ancient Timers' site, but it isn't Mirrim. She wants to help find the thieves, who are willing to risk killing a dragonrider and a dragon to prevent their discovery.

TOR Books (1988) ISBN 0-812-56423-5


Ghost of a Chance cover Ghost of a Chance
Max and Onda, two talented people of Xanth, are in love and want to be married, but Brun, the bluebird of happiness, is blue. His own mate, Beryl, has been birdnapped, and until she is recovered, no one in the South Village of Xanth can be married. So, Max, he of the lantern jaw, and his beautiful fiance, Onda, whose talent is finding things, set out with Brun to save Beryl and the happiness of Xanth.

TOR Books (1988) ISBN 0-671-87851-4

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