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WAR YEAR (short novel) Holt, 1972
COSMIC LAUGHTER (anthology) Holt, 1974
THE FOREVER WAR (novel) St. Martin's Press, 1975
MINDBRIDGE (novel) St. Martin's Press, 1976
PLANET OF JUDGMENT (Star Trek novel) Bantam, 1977
ALL MY SINS REMEMBERED (novel) St. Martin's Press, 1977
STUDY WAR NO MORE (anthology) St. Martin's Press, 1977
INFINITE DREAMS (short story collection) St. Martin's Press, 1978
WORLD WITHOUT END (Star Trek novel) Bantam, 1979
WORLDS (novel) Viking, 1981
WORLDS APART (novel) Viking, 1983
NEBULA AWARDS 17 (anthology) Holt, 1983
DEALING IN FUTURES (short story collection) Viking, 1985
TOOL OF THE TRADE (novel) Morrow, 1987
BUYING TIME (novel) Morrow, 1989
THE HEMINGWAY HOAX (short novel) Morrow, 1990
WORLDS ENOUGH AND TIME (novel) Morrow, 1992
VIETNAM AND OTHER ALIEN WORLDS (essays, fiction, poetry) NESFA Press, 1993
1968 (novel) Morrow, 1995
NONE SO BLIND (short story collection), will be published by AvoNova in May, 1996

Various of these titles have been translated into fifteen foreign languages.

Awards: Hugo and Nebula for novel THE FOREVER WAR and novella "The Hemingway Hoax"; Hugo for short story "Tricentennial" and short story "None So Blind"; Nebula for short story "Graves." World Fantasy Award for "Graves." Two Rhyslings (science fiction poetry award) for "Saul's Death" and "18 Years Old, October 11th." Galaxy Award for MINDBRIDGE; Ditmar for THE FOREVER WAR.

Works in progress: the novels FOREVER PEACE and THE COMING, a series of graphic novels based on BUYING TIME, a long poem (rhymed double sestina) called "Old Twentieth: A Century Full of Years."

I'm also working on a novel I'm calling THE TIME MACHINE, but feel as if I ought to come up with another title. Or maybe change my own name to Wells.

About the current books:

1968 comes directly from my experience as a combat soldier in Vietnam and as a "child of the Sixties" before and after the period of my conscription.

It's sort of a "braided" novel, with three plaits: One is the story of John Spiedel, Spider, who is drafted and sent to Vietnam, and after wounds and psychological trauma has to deal with his problems stateside. Another is the story of his ex- girlfriend, Beverly, who drifts into the counterculture and sees the other side of the unsubtle not-quite-revolution that rocked American life in 1968. The third strand is a running commentary, perhaps objective, about the world they survive in their separate ways.

I hope the book is shocking and startling as well as being gentle in places; gently humorous and sexy.

An aspect of the novel that is interesting to me, and perhaps a few scholars, is that it is a reaction to 1919 , the middle novel in the fine USA Trilogy, by John Dos Passos. Dos Passos saw history as a social science, and his novels reflect that sensibility, and that hope. I tend rather to see history as a branch of fiction.

I started the book in 1974, but was too close to the material, and put it away for almost a generation. I hope that it gains in insight whatever it might have lost in immediacy

The first couple of chapters, and a picture of the author back in 1968, trying to look cool leaning against a bunker in Vietnam, are available through my professional home page

None So Blind is a collection of science fiction stories and a couple of narrative poems. Several of the works -- the title story, "The Hemingway Hoax," and "Graves" -- have variously won the Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy Awards.

I enjoy writing short stories, but only do one or two a year. Like most practical writers, I spend most of my time and energy producing novels, since that's where the money is.

Here's a free sample -- the title story "None So Blind"

(And if you're the one in a thousand who reads poetry, try this -- "18 Years Old, October 11th")

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