Bad Prince Charlie
Bad Prince Charlie

Damask: A kingdom that couldn't get ransacked if it tried. But that's exactly what its rulers have in mind. And when they need a puppet to put on the throne, Bad Prince Charlie seems perfect for the job.

But Charlie has second thoughts when he's forced to imprison the beauteous Lady Catherine. Ransacking Damask, it turns out, is only a cover for the real plot.  And it's up to Charlie to rescue Catherine from prison, the country from destruction, and his own neck from the noose!

"Bad Prince Charlie maintains John Moore's track record for fun fantasy rib-ticklers." (SF Reviews)

Moore's breezy style and knack for skewering fantasy cliches come through once more." (sfrevu)

"Even better than its predecessors...look for it and enjoy!"(Analog)

Published by Ace Books
ISBN 0-441-01396-1

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