Heroics for Beginners
Heroics for Beginners

Not all men are born heroes.  Some have to read the instruction manual.

Sure, Lord Voltmeter is a formidable foe; He's a skilled fighter, a brilliant tactician, and an expert at vivisecting small furry animals. And now he has a Diabolical Plan.

Luckily, Prince Kevin has a secret weapon:  The Handbook of Practical Heroics.  But Kevin is about to find out that you can't believe everything you read .

For me it was a stay-up-late-to-finish-it laugh-out-loud romp. It is a great choice for those who like their fantasy funny -- readers of Pratchett and Asprin. (Diana Herald, Genrefluent)

Published by Ace Books
ISBN 0-441-01193-4

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