The Unhandsome Prince
The Unhandsome Prince

"There's magic in a kiss," the young sorceress Emily tells Caroline. But the beautiful Caroline knows that already, for kissing an enchanted frog has earned her the right to marry a handsome Prince. There is one catch -- Prince Hal is far from good-looking. So both girls set off for the city of Melinower, where princes abound, hoping to trade Hal up for a handsomer model.

But the pair soon learn that it's easier to find your prince than to marry him, and before long they're tangled in a plot involving a mysterious dwarf, a magic sword, a kidnapped bride, a Dark Tower -- and the unhandsome Hal has plans of his own for our two heroines.

"The plotting here is solid, the pacing pitch-perfect, and the heroes even more warm and likable than they were in Heroics For Beginners."  (T. M. Wagner, SF Reviews)

Published by Ace Books
ISBN 0-441-01287-6

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