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Welcome to the website of fantasy author Joshua Palmatier.

This page contains some interesting links to people and places that might be of interest to someone who likes science fiction and fantasy. So feel free to browse around. You might run into some old friends . . . or perhaps find a new one.

Writing Related Sites:

Here are some links that will help the writers out there. You can find posts on writing on my LiveJournal of course. In addition, I ran a few projects a while back to help writers with queries and plot synopses for their submissions packets. These are either thoughts by published writers on the subjects, or (mostly) actual queries or plot synopses that the writers used that WORKED, that got the book published.

Query Project
Plot Synopsis Project I
Plot Synopsis Project II
Hope some of those sites help!


These are links to fellow fantasy writers or fantasy artists that happen to be friends of mine.

Patricia Bray is a fantasy author and a great friend, best known (so far) for her Devlin series from Bantam.

Jennifer Dunne is a cross genre author and a great friend, best known for (ahem) erotica and paranormal romance from Ellora's Cave. She also helped design this webpage.

F. Fiedler is the cover artist of the German edition of The Skewed Throne, Die Assassine. I absolutely love this cover, since I think it captures Varis' deadliness and vulnerability all at the same time.

Ariel Guzman is an artist and comic-stripper who's currently engaged in various art projects, all mostly on schedule. He was also there when I first started writing . . . yes, way back in the eighth grade. He designed the JBP logo at the top of the page.

Steve Stone is the phenomenal artist that designed the cover art to The Skewed Throne and The Cracked Throne. Check out his other artwork, including other fantasy covers.

Larry Rostant is the spectacular artist that designed the cover art to The Vacant Throne. Check out some of his other artwork, including covers for Kelley Armstrong and Stephen King!

Ester Mish is a fellow LiveJournal friend who has started up a new webpage featuring some of her favorite authors (including me!). Check it out!


This section includes links for those interested in getting help with their own writing, as well as a few links just for fun. Enjoy!

The Hard Lemonade Science Fiction Society is a webpage dedicated to a little group of friends who happened to discover they all wrote fantasy AND also liked hard lemonade. A society was instantly formed, which includes much drinking of hard lemonade . . . and the occasional critique of a fantasy novel or short story.

The Online Writing Workshop is a great place to learn the craft of science fiction and fantasy writing. It's a great community of writers and provides a critiquing forum for your own novels and short stories.

DAW Books, Inc. is obviously the best science fiction and fantasy publishing house out there. Check out their other great authors and artists.

[SFF Net Member] is a great community for science fiction fans. There are links to numerous SF author sites, host sites, and fan sites.

Another great site for finding SF author websites is SFWA, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc site.