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The Skewed Throne was one of four finalists for the Baltimore Science Fiction Society's Compton Crook/Stephen Tall Memorial Award for 2007. The award is given for the best first novel in the science fiction and fantasy genre of the previous year, and the winner is announced at Balticon in mid- May. While The Skewed Throne didn't win, it was in some rather good company, including His Majesty's Dragon by Naomi Novik, The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch, and Sojourn by Jana G. Oliver. And the difference between the final scores of the top three books was a mere 2 points (or so I was told). Here's what some others have said about The Skewed Throne:

"A gritty, edgy, unsettling book. This tough young woman makes her choices in a world where good and evil often look like twins. I was riveted by her story!" --Tamora Pierce

“Joshua Palmatier has written a vivid, passionate story about a tough-minded heroine fighting for survival. What makes her especially compelling is her own struggle to understand right and wrong, and to confront what necessity can force you to do. This promising first novel should lead to equally confident sequels.” --Kate Elliott

"For those who like their fantasy gritty and real, without sugarcoating, Joshua Palmatier's "The Skewed Throne" is a gift. With not a dragon or an unicorn in sight, it's the people and the places where they live that matter in here - Varis is a strong and sympathetic heroine, even the walk-on arts have their own story, and the city of Amenkor has earned a place of its own in the atlas of fantasy lands." --Alma Alexander

“The strength of Palmatier's book lies in Varis. Varis is a bitter girl, hardened by years of living in the Dredge, but she retains a core of humanity. Her ability to slip into what she calls the river, where threats stand out as splashes of red in the currents of the world around her, makes her an intriguing point of view character. . . . if you enjoy grittier fantasy, I would recommend picking up The Skewed Throne.” --Jim C. Hines

“The Skewed Throne is a great book. I couldn't stop reading it once I opened the beautiful cover. The author grabbed me right away and didn't let go. I love the main character and found myself pulled into the novel from the very beginning. I read the Skewed Throne before work, at work, and then when I got home. I just had to keep reading, and rarely do I find a book that compels me to read another chapter, and another, etc.

Joshua Palmatier has a gripping narrative style that doesn't sugar coat anything. You get to see the filth and the blood of a medieval city, and come to understand the harshness of surviving on the streets. The young girl, Varis, who is the main character, is easily one of my favorite characters of any book I've ever read. If you are familiar with Arya Stark in George R.R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series you'll love Varis, who has a similar tenacity and toughness.

I highly recommend The Skewed Throne and fans of gritty fantasy will love this book.” --Paul Genesse

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