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alt Apocalypse Now, Voyager, a new novella starring good ol' Marty Burns is out now as a limited edition perfectbound paperback from the nice people at Earthling Publications. It has been published in an edition of 400 signed copies, with an introduction by the lovely Paul McAuley and a terrific JK Potter cover. Michael Marshall Smith says:

"Jay Russell is horror's finest comic stylist. Funny, touching, and weird. And so is his work. Make sure you've got time to finish APOCALYPSE NOW, VOYAGER in one sitting, because you will *not* be putting it down."

I like it, too.

Brown Harvest is published by Four Walls Eight Windows in the US and distributed by Turnaround Publishing Services in the UK.  Ever been a boy or girl detective?  Ever wanted to be one?  Brown Harvest is the story of what happens when boy detectives grow old.  With guest appearances by just about every character you ever loved reading about when you, too, were young and/or innocent.

The New York Times Book Review said this:

"Brown Harvest is crammed with ruses and red herrings, but the biggest mystery is why nobody ever thought of its ingeniously entertaining premise before. That treasured and familiar literary character, the boy detective, has grown up, traded his innocence for cynicism and morphed into the rumpled antihero of a 21st-century noir....Russell knows all the tics and twists of his genre, and his delight in playing with them is infectious...Like the director David Lynch, Russell has an affection for both the heartbreakingly pure and the unspeakably seamy -- and a natural talent for mixing the two together in a sweet-and-sour cocktail. If he occasionally goes in for cheap potshots at the world of boulangeries and carpal tunnel sufferers, he can be forgiven for the sincerity of his disgust and the sharpness of his wit. In his hands, sex,
violence and mayhem aren't a problem -- they're the bracing, all-American antidote to bored consumerism."

* A small number of signed copies of the UK first editions of Celestial Dogs and Burning Bright


Celestial Dogs


Burning Bright

Waltzes and Whispers 

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