They say it never rains in Los Angeles, but now the streets are slick...with blood.

Street gangs from hell are slaughtering one another for control of an addictive designer drug with terrifying side-effects. Even the police are knee-deep in the red stuff.  As a trail of mutilated bodies leads from the sidewalks of Hollywood to the sterile clean rooms of  a research lab to a place no one -- no one human -- has ever been before, two astonishing figures play a demonic game of cat and mouse.  On one side is a creature of darkness who holds the keys to a world of nightmares; on the other stands an avenger of awesome, savage powers.  Between them is a lone and desperate cop.

As the terror mounts, L.A. goes white with fear.  

And red.

With blood.

"Blood is taut and well-written...careering along at a hectic pace like a speedmetal version of The Ride of the Valkyries." -- Interzone

"A thoroughly enjoyable, engrossing and quite original work." -- SFX

"This book fairly crackles with energy.  If it were a dog it would be a Pit-Bull terrier with a large bulldog clip firmly attached to the more tender parts of its anatomy.  This is Anne Rice with PMT.  More please.  I love it." -- Samhain

"Blood is a vivid evocation of the partsof L.A. you probably wouldn't want to visit without making a will first, a shimmering cocktail of gang warfare, mad scientists, irascible cops and futuristic drugs.  All of the characters, however nasty, are sympathetically drawn, with plenty of quickfire qiupping." -- Crime Time

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Read the "censored" Prologue and the story behind why it isn't in the published book (Warning: very nasty and highly explicit stuff contained within).