Bloody hell!

That's what London is starting to look like now that Marty Burns has hit town.

Having made Los Angeles safe for quality detective drama in Celestial Dogs, Marty is ready to conquer England with his new show, Burning Bright. Marty follows the bloody footsteps of Jack the Ripper, only to walk into a modern evil far more terrible than any mere serial killer. Hunted by Ultima Thule, a neo-Nazi cult with mystical powers, Marty forms a fellowship of eccentric allies to counter the Thule's dark threat.

From a secret voodoo temple in the slums of Liverpool, to arcane Druidic rituals in Arthurian Cornwall, to spectacular magical battles above and beneath the streets of London's East End, Marty races against time and fate to save the soul of a nation.

And he doesn't even like the beer.

"Were it played at home on the small screen, the viewer'd raise a delighted fist and yell, 'Yes!'  Before a big screen, the movie audience would get up and cheer." (Locus, March 1998)

"Russell's ability to blend supernatural horror with, in some ways, even more horrific reality is unique. Couple this with incisive, and witty dialogue, truly convincing characterisation, and heart-stopping shocks, you couldn't wish for more. The plot is fast-paced and well developed, with a number of sharp shocks along the way. All very impressive. This is a book to savour." (Tangled Web)

"Burning Bright delivers the goods in all respects.  Excitement, humor, action...What more could you ask for?" (SFX, Christmas 1997)

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