Marty Burns was famous. Once.

Now he's just another fallen star, earning his keep as a low-rent private eye. But everything Marty has ever believed in is about to be shattered when the hunt for a missing hooker draws him into an epic struggle between age-old foes.

Two ancient cults have brought their eternal battle from the mystic mountains of Japan to the seedy streets of Los Angeles. Marty must confront vicious pimps, suspicious cops, Hollywood mega-moguls and all-powerful demons from the pages of myth as his life is turned inside-out. He is forced to confront that most difficult, but fundamental of questions: What do you believe in?

Awesome supernatural powers have renewed their endless fight, with the soul of humanity hanging in the balance.

Only this time, there's Marty Burns. Who's about to become famous...


** Selected as one of the best novels of 1997 by Washington Post Book World **

"Celestial Dogs is a heady, entertaining mixture of fantasy, horror, and hard-boiled. Child-sitcom-actor-turned-private-eye Marty Burns bulls his way through L.A.'S cesspool like some bad-dream bastard son of Philip Marlowe.  Russell pulls it off with brutality, wit, and adrenaline." -- George P. Pelecanos, author of The Big Blowdown

"Intense, fast paced, convincing, and filled with interesting characterizations." -- Science Fiction Chronicle

"Part supernatural thriller, part hardboiled detective yarn, part comic Hollywood novel and all page-turner. Celestial Dogs hits a bulls-eye on every target at which it takes aim." -- Peter Atkins, author of Big Thunder and screenwriter of Hellraiser II-IV.

"An acerbically funny collision between Hollywood lowlife and the gods and demons of Japanese mythology that's as stylishly gritty as Dashiell Hammett.  Jay Russell is a major new talent." -- Paul J. McAuley, author of Fairyland and Child of the River.

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