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The first short story collection from Jay Russell, author of Celestial Dogs, Blood, and Burning Bright. Waltzes and Whispers features fifteen stories, seven of which have never been published before.

From the Introduction by Michael Marshall Smith:

"You'll find straight-down-the-line horror, gothic fantasy, cyberpunk and splatterpunk, literary fiction and noir.  It's a smorgasboard of words, an all-you-can-eat Mexican buffet of fiction.  We've got searing-hot chilli over there, tasty enhiladas up front, some weird kind of gunk whose ingredients I don't want to even know about, and soothing guacamole on the side.  The only thing that ties it all together is that they've all been produced by the same cook, and he knows what he's doing."


Introduction by Michael Marshall Smith

Dracula's Eyes

Limited Additions

Poets in New York

Code Warriors

If Happy Little Bluebirds Fly...

Virtual Uncertainty

Ghosts of Departed Quantities

Sous Rature

Waltz in Vienna

Lily's Whisper

Sullivan's Travails

City of Angels


Undiscovered Countries

Revenge of the Zombie Studpuppies

Afterword by Kim Newman

Cover art and interior illustrations by John Coulthart